A New Winning Product Which Helps Our Planet & Health

Oil drizzled on salad

We now have a sustainable & healthy oil all in one bottle?

Although vegetable oil is so toxic, people use it like never before.
From a health perspective, it might be a compromise — but when it comes to the environment, it’s the third most consumed food globally after rice and wheat.
Come to think of it; vegetable oils are in pretty much everything we eat.
From butter to our pastries, bread and snacks — even oat milk! I cringe at the tough, literally!
Our need for vegetable oil is so grand that we use more agricultural space for its development than for fruits, veggies, legumes & nuts combined.
As you can imagine, this leads to more deforestation, climate change and biodiversity loss — all for the sake of using a toxic oil!

One product that can make a difference

One product, a cooking oil made via fermentation, has been launched.
It’s extremely high in healthy fats, low on bad ones and helps end the damaging effects of producing vegetable oil.
  • It uses 85 per cent less land than canola oil.
  • It requires less than 99 per cent water than olive oil!
  • It emits 86 per cent less Co2 than soybean oil, and it’s relatively cheap at $29.99 (US$) compared to olive oil.
This oil is set to free 3.1 million acres of land every year!
Can you imagine what that would do to our planet if we collectively embrace sustainable products?

Why vegetable oils are bad

Not only are they bad for our health and may increase our chances of disease, but also the environment.
So, why do we keep eating it? Well, it’s the only oil around, and it’s dirt cheap and readily available.
Most restaurants and cafes use it in everything – and quite possibly reuse it over and over again.
Health risks from using this oil range from heart disease, obesity, cancer and many more.

Why this one oil is superior

Zero does the opposite by developing cooking oil by fermenting microbes rather than harvesting crops.
Is this going to pave the way for future product development? I do hope so.
Vegetable oils are made by crushing parts of the vegetables and extracting the oils from them — whereas refined oil is made through fermentation.
It’s a similar process to making wine, sourdough bread, cheese, yogurt, pickles and even some chocolate.
The specific ingredients that zero uses will not be disclosed, but they do focus on cultures that naturally produce healthy fats and yeast and microalgae.

These are all non-GMO-based

Although the facilities needed for fermentation are very costly, it makes sense for us to head down the pathway, which causes less environmental damage while helping humans attain a healthier lifestyle.
Surely this is a step in the right direction, considering the amount of damage vegetable oil produces!
I, for one, am eager to try this oil, and if you are interested, please feel free to try it too.
I just bought a couple of bottles to road test soon. So stay tuned, as this oil will have big boots to fill, considering I have been eating olive oil since I was born!
Who’s tried Zero, and if you have, what’s your verdict?

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