How can I speed up my metabolism through changing diet, water, hours of activity per day, etc.?

Metabolism is complex, and it takes some understanding of how it works, in order to utlise it in the best way possible. I will mention all the things I do on a daily basis, and how they have helped me increase my metabolism, burn body fat and enhance my ability to grow and maintain muscle mass.

6 secrets to increasing your metabolism, for faster fat loss.

  1. Training for strength and hypertrophy.
    A lot of people mistakenly assume that weight loss is all about the amount of cardio you perform. Well, let me tell you that the key to weight loss is in fact, lifting weight! The reason for this is that building and maintaining lean muscle mass increases your metabolic rate, and overall energy expenditure.When you focus on the main lifts, like squatting, bench pressing, deadlifts and pull ups, you are using the largest muscles in your body, which means you further increase your bodies post exercise energy consumption. This can continue for a period of 24 hours after you’ve performed your lifts! The key to igniting this metabolic trigger, is to lift heavy and lift often. You should always focus on performing those compound movements with the most energy possible, and make them a top priority in your workouts.
  2. Sprint baby sprint!
    HIIT or sprinting with relatively short rest periods, can raise post-workout energy expenditure, more so than traditional training. Here are some effective training protocols to help take your fat burning to another level.
    – Rest only for 20–60 seconds, preserving somewhat of that ‘peak’
    – Do enough bouts so that your body produces lactic acid, but not too much that you aren’t able to recover properly, and really give it your all per bout.
    – Don’t exceed more than 25–30 minutes of this kind of training,. More will just trigger cortisol, and work against your fat loss goals.
  3. Protein with every meal – and make it lean cuts most often
    High protein diet produces the most thermogenic effects on your body, as protein takes energy to digest. Did you know your body burns 25 percent more calories just to digest this stuff? It also keeps you full for longer periods of time, diminishing snacking and overeating. Did you know your body burns 25 percent more calories just to digest this stuff?
    Protein is key to building and maintaining muscle mass, which is also key to increasing your metabolism. Just remember that high protein must be paired with lifting weights.
    Protein also helps maintain blood sugar levels, so you won’t be inclined to have that sugar hit in the afternoon.
  4. Use fat sources to your advantage – think avocado, nuts and olive oil
    Certain kinds of fats stimulate thermogenesis, just as much as protein does. Studies indicate that fat raises body temperature and leads to excess calories being burnt. This is a similar mechanism as when your body shivers due to cold temperatures.
    Include nuts in your snack range, especially almonds and walnuts. Drizzle olive oil on your salads and seamed vegetables, and include avocado in your salads, and as a snack.
  5. Eat heaps of vegetables, preferably anything green.
    The thermic effect of veggies is greatly enhanced when you couple them with sources of fat and protein. Fiber slows down digestion, making it easier to maintain a steady blood sugar level, as well as keeping those cravings in check. Vegetables are also highly nutritious, and provide many vitamins and minerals for our bodies daily needs. Think about adding vegetables like broccoli, kale, spinach and cabbage into your daily meals. Drizzle with olive oil, and include protein such as chicken breast, white fish and even eggs. Mix and match so you never get sick of eating these wholesome and nutritious foods. They should be your staples, as they are extremely healthy, easy to prepare, fresh and taste great.

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