Four Quick And Easy Ways To Increase Your Metabolism (and burn away body fat when laying on the couch!)

Increasing your metabolism isn’t difficult when you know what dials you need to make it happen. It’s not a well-known fact of knowledge by everyone, and some people take a little longer to fire up their metabolism and others.The great news is that with proper workout planning and nutrition, you too (and anyone for that matter) can increase their metabolic rate by as much as 25 per cent while avoiding hunger and intense cravings. I know all too well how bad cravings and hunger can be when you want to lose weight. Don’t worry; we will touch on the basics as fast as possible to get you started. I want you to know that it’s not you, or your metabolism, it’s simple science that you need to know to reach your bodies full metabolic capacity. 

Four Quick And Easy Ways To Increase Your Metabolism

(and burn away body fat when laying on the couch!) 

  1. Train with weights. For too many years, people mistakingly thought that cardio was the best way to burn calories. This is because the amount of calories burnt during exercise is higher with cardio than weights. But the truth is, it’s what happens after the workout that matters. I made this mistake for over 20 years. Cardio does burn a lot of calories as opposed to weights, and you may be deceived like I was with a large expenditure app on your watch. But please trust me on this one, It’s not all that it seems, and there is a science behind this aspect. We all know that lifting weights builds muscle mass, that increases your resting energy expenditure. This is the primary mechanism that fuels your metabolism. I recommend the classic lifts, such as deadlifts, squats, presses & chin-ups. These elevate your post-workout energy expenditure. This is kind of similar to adding logs to a fire that’s already burning. The fire keeps on burning on and on until another record is put in. That’s what lifting weights do to your metabolism. It keeps the fire going for a lot longer.
  2. Protein is a must in all your meals. We have all been told at some stage or another, how important protein is in our diets. Protein promotes leanness and causes the body to burn calories to digest and use the amino acids. Another essential factor about protein is that it builds muscle in the absence of exercise. This is why, as we age, increased amounts of protein is necessary. As I’m 42 now, I make sure that protein is abundant in all of my meals. When you fast, it can be not easy to get the right amount of protein. Therefore, eating a bit more during the meals you are having is a good strategy. The protein then provides the building blocks for muscle without exercise and builds strength with training. It’s the perfect macronutrient for all ages.
  3. Sprinting and interval training. If you want to get the intense metabolic burn, then sprinting with short rest periods is essential in your training schedule. Some great strategies to use are as follows:- • Use work bouts that last between 20 and 60 seconds, allowing you to preserve peak effort • Rest for at least 10–60 seconds, depending on the intensity • Complete enough bouts to encourage lactic acid (which increases fat burning) but not too much that you can’t recover. Your workout should not exceed 25 minutes
  4. Eliminate processed foods. If you want to increase your metabolism’s efficiency, whole foods, vegetables, low gi fruits, seeds, nuts, and eggs help improve the thermic effect. You will never get the same effect from proceeding foods. They contain less fibre, requiring less enzyme production, so they burn fewer calories. When I began the competitive diet, the most profound change occurred when I eliminated sugars, proceed carbs and candy. Because they were a staple in my diet beforehand, my body immediately reacted to the change. If you have a similar diet, the changes will become apparent very quickly. As you can see, if you incorporate these steps in your diet plan, then revving up your metabolism won’t be a problem. It’s not hard, but it’s challenging to change negative habits for positive ones. It takes many guts and commitment to keep going and dismissing cravings and reverting to old habits. The best piece of advice I can give is to keep filling up on protein. That was my saviour because protein helped to keep me full for longer stretches and eliminate cravings. Another great hack is to allow yourself a cheat meal once per week. This is essential for your well being and state of mind. Life is too short to deprive yourself of the things you love. Once per week is a great solution and will help you reduce cravings as well. If you are bold, then do try twice a week. It all depends on your goals. I like to treat myself once per week because it does end up becoming a lot for me. Think of all the processed sugars and sweeteners. Sometimes it can cause an imbalance, especially in your digestion. Please test it out and see what works for you. As they say, the leaner you are, the more you can get away with! Best of luck with your journey, and I hope that this post has given you some strategies to use now and in the future. If you appreciate this post, please feel free to upvote it, and do come along and get your complimentary goal setting guide for 2021. I’m also on social if you are active in that space.

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