Does eating 1 meal a day slow down your metabolism or is this a myth?

That all depends on how that meal is structured as your overall eating plan.

We think that eating less is paramount to diminishing the efficiency of our metabolism. When we fast, the body reacts quite differently from a diet that’s constantly low calories. From an evolutionary perspective, we were made to eat this way. To go between times of fasting and feeding. Food is so readily available now, that we’ve lost touch with an evolutionary aspect that allows us to become leaner, stronger, muscular and healthier.

If you have ever fasted before, you will discover that your metabolism increases (and there is research to prove this) as a result. The reason being is that when you stop eating for a period of time, your digestion relaxes and your body becomes a lot more efficient at burning stored energy. You actually allow your body to do this when you don’t eat. So, the key is not to eat – to fast. Diminishing your calories throughout the day in small meals has the opposite effect. You are still giving your body food, every 2–3 hours. To tap into fat reserves, and ignite our evolutionary genetics, we must stop eating for a period of time.

I don’t need to tell you about the endless health benefits of fasting. It has the ability to diminish cognitive decline, reverse diabetes and many other diseases. It halts the ageing process and resets your metabolism and digestion. You can literally fast your way to better health – and rapid fat loss.

I have eaten one meal a day for many months, and my metabolism has never been better. I’m almost 42, I’m lean and despite not being able to use a gym in 2.5 months, I’ve retained my muscle mass, and can still have my treats when I want to.

You don’t have to resort to only one meal a day in order to get amazing results with fasting (and boost your metabolism). You can fast anywhere from 16–36 hours during the week. I like to swap and change this fasting strategy when I’m training with weights. This is purely based on my own personal goals, which is to build muscle mass and maintain leanness. Fasting has also helped my combat a debilitating digestive disorder.

You can read different bits of literature all over the internet which states it’s good and bad for you to restrict yourself to one meal per day. I’m not one to believe in all the hype and prefer to make my own judgements by trying something out and discovering the benefits or the mishaps myself. This is by no means a dangerous thing to do if you are healthy and have no issues with diseases, which can impact your fasting results. Always check with your doctor, and start off slow. When I started fasting, I did not dive into it headfirst with 20 hours. In fact, I allowed myself to ride the tides and as I progressed with my fasting periods, I increased my fasting time. This is an evolution, a journey, and one in which we can take at our own pace. Read up on all the article’s you can find, from medical journals, speak to people who’ve already done this and of course, see your doctor if you have health issues or concerns.

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