4 best kept secret metabolism boosters to use every day

Kick start your metabolism every single day, making weight loss and maintenance easy and effective. The secret to weight loss and maintenance is constantly working on it, little by little every day. When you have a goal in mind and want to achieve it, you tend to put your foot in the right direction and find the ways and means for attaining your goal. It’s not always easy, but experimenting with a few tricks can help you along the way. During my endless search for the weight loss cure, I realised that there isn’t a clear-cut solution to it – nor to anything in life, mind you. So instead, it’s little steps we take the day in day out that either helps us lose weight or does the opposite. As they say, success results from little things done every day – that may not be visible to the human eye for a long time. But, eventually, you will reap the fruits of your labour – usually when you least expect it. Here are some fundamental and success-driven secrets to boost your metabolism little by little every day that will lead you to your ultimate weight loss goal. 

Secret booster One: Put back eggs in your life

Eggs are deficient in calories yet super high in nutrient value. You have protein, fat and a host of vitamins compiled into these tiny little portable powerhouses. Eggs quickly stave off hunger for hours on end and boost your metabolism. This bit of research from the International Journal of obesity should put it into perspective for you. Over eight weeks, two sets of participants went on a diet reducing their energy intake by 1000 calories a day. One of the groups ate two eggs at least five days a week for breakfast. The other group consumed the same amount of calories but in a bagel form. As a result, the egg eaters lost 65 per cent more bodyweight, 16 per cent more body fat and had a 61 per cent greater reduction in body mass index and a startling 34 per cent more significant reduction in waist circumference. 

Secret booster two: Bring out traditional weight training exercises from hiding

With these particular weight training lifts, you can boost your metabolism during and after your workout for hours on end. The reason why a lot of people shy away from these movements is that they are hard.  It’s not easy to develop the proper technique, and they can leave you mighty sore when the workout ends. In saying that, you can’t get great benefits from weight training unless you get in there and do the hard stuff like:• Squats• Deadlifts• Lunges• Pull-ups• Bench press These use the most muscle groups in your body, therefore expend the most energy and get you more robust and more muscular faster. 

Secret  booster Three: Bulletproof coffee

This is an excellent metabolic booster if you are following a cyclical keto diet. This consists of high fat, low carb nutritional structure for 5-6 days a week, then having a carb re-feed for 1-2 days (this will depend on the amount of weight you want to lose or the time of peak performance you are after). You will get 75% of your calories from fat, 20% from protein, and 5% from carbs on those keto days. That is said to put you in the state of ketosis, which burns fat for energy instead of carbs. A bulletproof coffee consists of grass-fed, unsalted butter with a shot of coffee. For those who are dairy intolerant, coconut oil suffices. What a bulletproof coffee does is suppress hunger, boosts your mental clarity and energy throughout the day. There are also some fat loss benefits because of the MCT oil properties in the drink. The major deal with this coffee is that it suppresses hunger – the main culprit of weight gain. Drinking this helps take the edge off appetite for long periods, which is always helpful when restricting your eating. 

Secret booster Four: Get more fat into your life

Certain types of fats can stimulate thermogenesis – very similar to protein. The exciting thing about certain fats is that it does some fancy stuff with two protein genes, raising body temperature and burning excess calories. This process is very similar to when your body burns more calories in cold temperatures – due to shivering. One example is this study of overweight men (European Journal of Clinical Nutrition Study). They ate foods with high Omega 3 fat content, increasing their dietary intake towards 3 grams per day. Look at how great the results became – The thermogenic effect increased by 51.3 per cent, and the men burnt an impressive 920 calories during the 6 hours after eating when metabolism was elevated! To give you an idea of the foods in another trial – thermogenesis was 28 per cent higher after eating walnuts and 23 per cent higher after a meal, including monounsaturated fats from olive oil, compared to a dairy meal. So, don’t be afraid to have fats in your diet regularly to boost your metabolism. If you haven’t used any of these as a metabolic boosting incentive, I urge you to try them out. I’ve never been one to think there was one thing that worked well – instead, I rely on several different types of boosters to help me achieve my goal. As with investing, don’t put all your eggs in one basket thinking it’s going to be the one – spread out your weight loss investment along different avenues for the best possible results.

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