The One Thing That Can Help you Alleviate Depression and Low Moods

The One Thing That Can Help you Alleviate Depression and Low Moods

If something so simple can help, it makes sense to start using it to your full advantage.

Years ago, I would not have even contemplated how much of an impact my gut health had on everything, from my health to the number of times I would become ill and, of course, the clarity of my thoughts and moods. I blamed my low energy and moods on my body — perhaps it was the result of my monthly visitors, or maybe it was a genetic part of my personality that I just had to put up with. Now, many decades later, watching my parents die of cancer and transforming my health — I know that diet is the key to health in every aspect of your life. Some individuals may be more sensitive to foods, additives and ingredients than others. As a sufferer of food allergies and intolerances most of my life, I have realised what can and will become a trigger. As a young woman, I thought this was a curse, and everything I ate seemed to affect my whole body. But now, as I’m transitioning into middle age and above, I see it as a blessing. People make the worst nutritional choices and experience no side effects. Without this, how will you know to stop eating or drinking something harming your body? Take, for instance, how much our gut microbiome governs our moods and health. How much is processed food harming your gut, causing your illness and low spirits? Depression today is widespread all over the world. For example, 18.5 per cent of adults surveyed in 2019 in the USA had even the mildest symptoms of depression within the previous two weeks. Those bacteria — which run into the trillions, and all other microbes that live within our digestive system, can and will affect depression. For example, bacteria within the gut have been known to link with weight loss, the severity of covid 19 and autism. Bacteria in the gut can have a profound effect on the way we exhibit our behaviour and cope with the challenges of life. Just think, how many years we’ve allowed this to go on without any inherent knowledge of the culprit? Changes in behaviour result from the spectacular way intestinal flora can influence the nervous system via metabolic products. Previous studies have uncovered patients with depression showing a prevalence of above-average intestinal and digestive problems. Suppose intestinal flora is taken from humans and placed into mice raised in sterile conditions (meaning they had no intestinal flora of their own). In that case, those mice develop depressive-like behaviour too. Some examples are; low energy and decreased interest in their surroundings and peers. The problem of sustaining good gut bacteria is our ability to keep using probiotics and the necessary medication to help combat depression. One study at the University Psychiatric Clinics Basel discovered that probiotics assisted patients with depressive symptoms. Still, after the four-week trial, health-promoting bacteria seemed to decrease. Scientists stipulated that perhaps that short four-week period may not be enough to sustain long-term changes, and it can take much longer for intestinal flora to stabilise. Keep this in mind if you are taking probiotics and utilising pre-biotic foods. It can take a little while to experience the benefits, and it’s also wise to continue using these over long periods. 

How can you benefit your gut health?

Gut health is not too complex as long as we stay consistent with our food choices and take the necessary probiotics daily. But, as the research indicates, it takes time to see your commitment’s results. Also, it’s important to note that probiotics are not the main contributor to eliminating depression. Medication, therapy and intervention from a professional should always come first. Therefore, you should use probiotics in conjunction with these other strategies. In saying that, there are several things, you can do within your diet to enhance the quality of your gut bacteria.


They are as follows

One: Eat a wider variety of greens with every meal

Green vegetables will help increase your good gut bacteria by feeding on the abundant vegetable sources you eat. Although eating as many vegetables as possible is ideal, seasonal and green veggies are best. You should also include fats like almonds and olive oil and occasionally throw in a bit of sourdough. Sourdough contains good bacteria in your gut thrives. 

Two: Focus on pre and pro-biotics every single day

Add garlic to your foods, onions, asparagus, and avocados and eat green bananas. These are just some of the many pre-biotic foods that feed good gut bacteria and help you combat pathogens and low moods daily.


Three: Practice relaxation methods

Don’t only focus on meditation and yoga; what about massage and acupuncture? These strategies help relax your muscles, mind, body and spirit. That said, an intense bout of exercise can also be your savour. Have enough tools in your pocket to battle any instances that may occur. 

Four: Throw in some superfoods once in a while

Foods like chia seeds, miso soup, tempeh and kombucha are great for your gut. You can easily add chia seeds to your smoothies or make a pudding. Miso soup is a light and excellent soup you can eat daily. I have used a kombucha formula as a dressing on my salads too. So be a bit creative, and see what you can come up with. As you continue to work on your gut health, the most important thing to do is keep going! You might get sick for a few weeks and not handle these foods, but try to keep taking your probiotics and eating broth and lots of garlic. These small yet significant choices will help you overcome any colds and flu lurking in your body and keep you in better spirits. It’s not only the food choices we have to make but our mental attitude that plays a part. I’m on Youtube! Please help grow awareness of health, lifestyle and well-being holistically, and follow my YouTube channel here.

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