One Key Supplement & Method to Boost Metabolism & Muscle in Menopausal Women

One Key Supplement & Method to Boost Metabolism & Muscle in Menopausal Women

It’s so crucial for women to build up muscle before menopause hits

I’m a HUGE fan of weight training, and I began in my early 20s. When we are young, getting older never crosses our minds, especially the potential frailty, decline in energy and perhaps a downgrade to our body shape. That’s left to worry about a lot later in life. As I recently underwent a hysterectomy, my interest in menopause began to develop. After all, I will head down that pathway sooner than expected. One thing I’m apprehensive about is losing muscle mass. Muscle mass is key to healthy metabolism and keeping you in good shape and mobile throughout your life. The last thing we want to develop is osteoporosis and cancer. But unfortunately, these are some well-known occurrences as we move into menopause. 

Here is a summary of the damage menopause might cause you if you fail to take the necessary actionable steps:

  • Menopause puts you at risk of weaker bones, making it much easier to develop fractures and breaks — taking much longer to recover.
  • You are at a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease
  • Your metabolism slows down due to the loss of muscle mass — making you more susceptible to obesity
  • Putting on excess weight leads you toward developing diabetes Menopause can cause mood swings and emotional outbursts, leading to depression or cognitive decline.

One thing is sure, lifting weights is key to strengthening, toning and shaping your body. Many women might question why muscle is head of the list of benefits as we age. 

Here are a few more that might encourage you to start contemplating strength training 3-to 4 times a week for its health and longevity benefits.

  • Lifting weights helps you reduce body fat, strengthen your muscle and bones, burning more calories at rest.
  • It will boost your confidence by changing your body shape and helping you diminish your initial beliefs about how much you can develop your physical and mental strength.

• Lifting weights will also boost your mood. Weight training is key to strengthening your body whilst providing a stable foundation for boosting that sluggish metabolism while maintaining a steady weight. Cardio is great, don’t get me wrong, but if you are unfit or just getting started, don’t rush into anything too taxing on your body. Walking is a great way to boost your mood and mental health. Once you establish a foundation with strength training, you can add other elements, such as running, jogging, or a particular sport. You are only really limited to your imagination. A study investigated mice whose ovaries were surgically removed and mice without the estrogen receptor in their muscle stem cells and evaluated muscles’ ability to regenerate. The loss of estrogen or generic deletion of estrogen in muscle cells led to a 30–60 per cent drop in muscle stem cell numbers across different muscles. This is a HUGE downgrade! It worsens because surviving cells have difficulty reproducing themselves and generating new muscle after the injury. One way to combat this is through estrogen replacement therapy. Still, we risk developing cancer due to oestrogen’s effects on tissue, such as the breast and endometrium. Scientists know that male sex hormones help promote muscle health but are in the dark about what happens to females as we age. Scientists are now learning about the degradation of estrogen and what it does to women’s muscles. 

How do we stop muscle wastage?

Lifting weights is one thing you can do to stop the muscle from deteriorating, as well as a proper nutrition plan based on whole foods & protein — but we can also turn to the assistance of one supplement — Vitamin D. A new study shows that vitamin D supplementation can significantly increase muscle strength and reduce loss of muscle mass in women as late as 12 years after menopause! So that means women can start making a difference in their lives today. Vitamin D is a common problem for postmenopausal women, which further destroys muscle while creating weakness and a greater tendency to fall. At the end of this trial, the women receiving the supplement demonstrated an increase of 25% in muscle strength. This is excellent news because you can use strength training, nutrition and vitamin D in your toolbox for better health, strengthening your bones while attaining a leaner physique. Before you go out and get your supply, talk with your doctor first. If you are new to weight training, seek the help of a professional trainer to show you the right way to do things. That will eliminate any chances of injury which might set you back. Remember that patience and dedication are needed to transform your body shape. In addition, consistency with training and nutrition is vital. Here are some references for further reading that are based on this postMuscle loss with menopauseVitamin D boosts Muscle building in women post-menopause

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