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I need to stop doing time-wasting crap — and so do you

I love writing a digress page every single night just before I go to bed. It helps me become a lot more aware of what I’m doing. I tend to get stuck in the weeds of life every single day. I blame that on working full time because I get on with it despite not wanting to do it. So I figure I have to pay my bills and keep supporting my family as best as possible. This can be a good and bad thing. Usually, what your getting on with can either drive you towards your goal or hold you back, cover you up and suffocate you like weeds. Usually, it’s something holding you back. When I start to write, a lot of frustration starts to show itself. I am brutally honest — I don’t share this with anyone else. It’s just me and the magic fountain pen and my paper. Honestly, I feel liberated in the sense that I finally let it all out — all that stored up frustration within me. I can get a tad bit too angry with myself at times. But I’m sure we all do when we finally realise how much stupid crap we’ve been doing.This is the only way I move forward. I have a purpose and tend to diminish its importance because I put a higher priority on things that don’t mean a thing. Why do we do this deliberately? I don’t know if it’s a self-sabotage technique — or maybe something that we condition ourselves to do over and over until we finally call ourselves out on it. It’s kind of like a ninja waiting to take us out before we even know they’re lurking in a dark corner. I had the same unconscious issue with my snacking. I would snack continuously as a stress mechanism until I finally called myself out on it. That’s the only time my snacking stopped deliberately. All those years of doing this one thing diminished as I sat down and had a brutally honest conversation with myself. I suggest you do the same — it’s amazing what things you will magically stop doing. I’m pretty sure that this would eliminate so many unintended bad habits that we’ve learned to do over many years. Then, finally, we break the ties once and for all. Sit down one evening after your day ends and write down your wins and losses for the day. What time-wasting crap are you getting caught up with that should end starting tomorrow? Is it being attached to a platform that no longer serves you? Is it doing something for years as a hobby that is now taking up more time than something making you money? Is it doing jobs for free when you should be charging for it? Get far away from those weeds. Put an end to their life source by committing to turn your back on the things that don’t serve your big goals? What’s mine? One goal: Creating several Ecom businesses that I love and eventually sell when they become highly profitable brands Goal Two: Keep writing, write for significant publication’s, create ebooks, courses and write my book.

I won’t be able to achieve these things if I keep doing the following:

One: Write endless emails to an audience that barely respond. It’s time to gather the people who want to mingle and eliminate the rest for good. Two: Stop putting up so much social media content with no purpose. This isn’t a hobby anymore; it’s a business that needs direction andpurpose. Three: No more freelance work that sucks the life out of me — It must be freelance work that is in line with the two goals above Four: Anything else that doesn’t fit into those two goals needs to go immediately or say no to instantly So I at this moment make that commitment, and I would love to hear yours as well. Let’s keep each other accountable for doing the critical things from now on. If you would like to read more articles like this or start writing your own, please sign up via my link here. I’d love to see you on the other side.Sign up here for your medium subscription

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