What are some of the least time-consuming ways to lose weight (not necessarily the quickest)?

I’m going to save you the time and energy trying different types of eating plans and so called diets. Most of these seem to work short term, but we all want to look and feel amazing long term. We want to live life to it’s full potential, without deprivation, or missing out on the foods we love, or treating ourselves once in a while. I don’t know about you, but I like to be as efficient and effective at the gym, not needing to spend hours upon hours training like a maniac twice a day to attain a figure that’s impossible to maintain! I have been there and done this too many times in my life. Therefore, I want to save you precious time and effort that you can spend doing more amazing things right now.

My most recommended lifestyle to maintain an amazing physique, diminish the signs of ageing as well as develop strength and muscular capabilities beyond your potential right now is..

Intermittent Fasting.

This is simply the most easiest regime to follow that is guaranteed success, even if you want to become stronger or gain muscle. It will help you shed stubborn body fat, and will allow you the best clarity of mind in order to perform your most pressing tasks requiring focus and immense concentration. Most of my best has been developed and brought to life when fasting.

As with the good comes the not so good. If you are an endurance athlete, or preparing for a grueling event, such as a marathon or triathlon, this eating plan is not for you whilst you train. It is recommended in the off season, when you want to heal your body, and decrease inflammation markers from the additional carb intake, as well as the sugars needed to fuel your training.

4 reasons why intermittent fasting is the fastest and easiest way to lose body fat and gain quality of life

  1. It will help you shed body fat fast. Fasting allows us to tap into our fat reserves more often, without sacrificing muscle mass. We therefore, keep our metabolism in full force over time. The more muscle we have, the more calories we burn. Over time, your body will go from burning sugar for energy, to burning fat instead. If you can recall the foundation of ketosis, this runs along the same pathway. When we start off on our fasting journey, we are still burning off sugar, until our bodies run out and begin using fat for energy instead. You will experience the same symptoms of lethargy, lack of energy to exercise, mood swings and constant night waking. This is all part of the switch, so stick with it for a week or so. Soon enough, your body will become more and more efficient. You want to train it to be a permanent fat burner, and this is the way.
  2. It will increase the efficiency of your metabolism. Pivoting between fasting and feeding is the most proficient way to boost your metabolisms potential regularly. Fasting periods also allow the body to tap into it’s fat reserves to use for energy, whilst keeping muscle mass intact. This is due to the constant shifting from fast to feast. This is a great way to become lean, and still enjoy the foods your love, without the restrictions of calorie controlled diets. Over time, you will be more pleased with the results, and the ease of following through on a period of non eating, in order to attain the body shape you desire, and optimal health.
  3. It will heal inflammation. Fasting assists in the fight against inflammatory markers of disease, such as lupus, multiple sclerosis and a huge range of disorders. It allows the body to naturally heal itself and renew damaged cells. Our bodies are constantly using all energy sources for digestion, moment to moment. When digestion ceases, due to fasting, the body finally has a chance to heal itself. You are fighting the war against neurodegenerative disease, which generally increases as we age. With fasting, your brain becomes smarter, clearer and more engaged in processes and concentration.
  4. It will increase your muscle mass. The beneficial aspect of intermittent fasting, is that it stops muscle being used for fuel, which is what happens on calorie restricted diets. The only caveat here is that you must eat a sufficient amount of protein within your feeding periods, and experiment with different fasting times. Some people work best with shorter intervals of 12–16 hours, other can extend beyond 20+ hours and still receive the benefits of fat loss and muscle gain. This is where you must pay attention to how your body responds, and tweak accordingly. As an example, I am very well equiped in training intensely on 18–17 hour fasts. I choose to do my best lifting days on 12 hours, in order to stimulate the most muscle growth for the week. 20 hours and above is best left for rest days, as I am a hard gainer and lose muscle very quickly. Assess and progress each and every step of the way.

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