Top 5 tips for intermittent fasting success

Think of the results you can achieve with guidance each and every step of the way..
Well, now you can! 

The great news is that intermittent fasting is an easy way to succeed with your weight loss goals. There is a no “one size fits all” method who take on the journey. But along the way, I have added some key components which helped accelerate my results. When I began Intermittent Fasting, I did not experience weight loss until month 3. I was fasting every day, using alternate fasting times, and was eating pretty well. I began to aggressively alter some of my macros to trim down for my niece’s wedding in November of 2019. It worked, and I drastically saw the changes after that initial month of being quite strict. But, not all is rosy news. Because of the rapid weight loss, my salt and iron levels plummeted, my doctor questioned my nutritional choices. The results indicated malnourishment, which was the case. It took a few weeks of increasing iodine and food intake to get back to normal again. Then I had an iron transfusion which did the trick. You can quickly get into these dangerous situations which aren’t ideal – so do be very mindful that your calorie intake is not too low. Allow your body plenty of time to adapt to the time it needs to work its magic at burning body fat for fuel slowly. On the other side, there is a case of overeating food and then not seeing the results you want. No one has a way of telling you what caloric intake you should have. My trusted advice is to use the palm of your hand as a protein portion source, always fill your plate with lots of greens, and a small number of carbs. You can choose to carb & keto cycle as well. I found these methods very successful as I never had to lower my carbs down and never felt deprived. It does take a bit of time to work out what your body adapts to. I have compiled all these methods into an ultimate fat loss pack, which you may be interested in downloading. This is for people who want to lose weight and feel comfortable maintaining it as a lifestyle. Fasting only works when you do it regularly. If you want another reason why fasting is beneficial, then you won’t be disappointed in the research backing it. Many people have reversed diabetes, ageing and many diseases. You can also expect your skin to glow, and energy to ignite. Top 5 tips for intermittent fasting success 

  1. Carb cycle. This is a great way to have your carbs and eat them too! Going 100% keto can damage our metabolism and exhaust your thyroid (This is from my own experience). Carb cycling is easy, and you can alter them according to when you train.
  2. HIIT for stubborn belly fat. I found this was fantastic for tapping into stubborn belly fat – or body fat in general, that’s not shifting as fast as you would like it to. Just remember that less is best for this.
  3. Strength training. I love that fasting helps you stay consistent with your strength and muscle gain. When I followed a low-calorie diet, I was always experiencing inconsistent waves of low and high energy. Now, I have a relatively stable level and can grow, maintain and increase my strength and muscle mass.
  4. Keto. I like to integrate the keto lifestyle when I’m not eating a lot of carbs. It helps some get into more profound ketosis when fasting.
  5. Alternating fasting hours. I don’t just stick with one fasting time, and I make a habit of swapping and shifting times each day. Sometimes I get lazy and stick with one, but a plateau can develop if you do. To stop this from happening, allow one day off from fasting per week, and always alternate the times you feast and fast. It also allows you some life flexibility.

You can find a library of information via this link supplied, and it contains all the different strategies I’ve outlined above (but in a lot more detail). So you can now plan for the year ahead, and experience great success with Intermittent Fasting. This pack will help you bypass the experimental phase, as I’ve done it all for you. Why not just skip that time-consuming part of the game, and dive straight into the results-driven necessary deliverables? If you are keen, feel free to upvote this answer and follow me on social media.

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