The one hormone you should be activating daily – naturally

The One Hormone you Should be Activating Daily for Optimal Fat Loss and Health.

My favourite topic of weight loss discussion is intermittent fasting. I practice fasting daily, as it’s given me much more than permanent weight loss. I also receive the following benefits, according to the goals that are important to me:

  •  I build muscle quickly and am less likely to lose it
  •  I can quickly lose the amount of weight I want to
  • Fasting every day allows me to keep my shape and stay lean
  • I am no longer obsessed with any foods or have debilitating cravings
  • Hunger doesn’t bother me much anymore — I can switch it off
  • I feel energetic, look younger and experience high levels of focus and concentration

I haven’t even scratched the surface of all the other fasting benefits. 

But these are the parts I focus on — anything else is a bonus.

Many of you may not know that there is a critical hormone that activates during a fast. This Hormone is an obsession for most bodybuilders. The reason it’s so popular is that it does a few things :

  1. It increases muscle mass
  2. It keeps you lean
  3. It makes your muscles more insulin sensitive
  4. It increases performance

If you aim to stay fit, healthy and disease-free — you’re classed as a hustling athlete. We may not spend hours and hours training and attaining a goal — but we do what we can religiously and receive excellent results. You can achieve this and a lot more by activating Human Growth Hormone. Let’s get into this a little deeper about how you can start your HGH activation strategy. 

One: Number one way is to fast

Fasting leads to the release of very high HGH levels. So if you want to go all out on fasting (you don’t have to, but daily fasting activates HGH quite a lot), go on a 2–3 day fast, and you will double your levels

Two: Lose body fat

If you start with fasting, body fat will automatically begin to diminish. The critical fat to watch out for is the visceral type found in the belly. The more belly fat you have, the least amount of HGH will be produced (which is a shame, really)Men have a real problem with diminishing HGH than women do. Men tend to accumulate a lot more belly fat than women. So guys, watch that beer belly and keep it trimmed with fasting & exercise.

Three: Keep your sugar consumption as low as possible

High insulin levels are known to diminish HGH levels. We all know that sugar plays a part in accumulating extra fat on our bodies — when eaten in excess. But, of course, I’m talking about sugars that come from processed and refined foods — not the natural kinds found in fruits. Occasionally, having a treat will not mess with HGH levels. I just wanted you to know that. 

Four: Avoid eating at bedtime

Our bodies release a large amount of HGH at night. We don’t want to risk missing the HGH boat by eating closer to bedtime. Try not to eat anything that’s high carb or protein if you can. 2–3 hours before bedtime should be sufficient.

Five: Make high-intensity exercise part of your program

Although high-intensity levels are great for increasing HGH, all workouts will activate HGH. Sprint intervals, weight training and intervals will increase your HGH levels. However, they also provide the maximum benefits for fat loss, as they cause metabolic stress (the good kind). If you can tackle these five-point all the time, you will experience great success with fat loss. If you keep it up regularly, HGH activation will be instant, and you won’t have any issues battling the bulge.

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