The One Fastest Way I Lost Weight, After Endless Years of Dieting

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This is not a quick fix alternative — it’s lifestyle based results

I spent so many years dieting that I can’t even remember the actual number anymore.
Because I pivoted in between the bodybuilding diet, it set my metabolism into disarray.
That doesn’t even scratch the surface of my hormone fluctuations.
Before that, I wouldn’t have an issue with losing weight. I had my little strategy, and it always worked.
But after bodybuilding, depriving myself of carbs and over-exercising, I altered my body’s metabolism and hormones.
As a result, I stopped having a period for four months, and when I started eating normally, I couldn’t stop!
I wasn’t by any means obese, but I felt uncomfortable. I wasn’t healthy, and I felt that something foreign had taken over my body.
If you have had enough of unsuccessful dieting attempts and don’t know which way to turn — you have come to the right place.
I’m not here to tell you about research — I’m doing it to tell you about my results from the experiments I’ve used over several years.
This strategy may or may not work for you — so that you know.
Fasting is a lifestyle change, which means a commitment for the rest of your life.
This is a marriage made in heaven with your body. You’re in this together.
That’s how far I’ve gone with this strategy, and that’s why it works so well.
Here goes.
The best strategy I’ve used is called intermittent fasting.
I like to keep it simple because simplicity suits my personality.
I’ve done things the long and hard way. It’s great for a month or so, and then when I get bored, that’s it for me.

Why fasting works

Fasting works because it allows your hormones to work for you, not against you.
What I mean by that is that your body begins to start using fat stores for energy.
That isn’t the only thing fasting does — it repairs your body and protects it against disease.
Here are the essential hormones that change when you fast:
  • Insulin (the most critical hormones) When insulin drops, it triggers fat burning. When we eat, fat-burning turns off. That starts the cycle of far accumulation
  • Changes your genes: It alters your genes that relate to longevity and helps to protect your body from disease
  • Human growth hormone: High levels help start the fat burning process, as well as helping you to build muscle mass.
HGH is the hormone most bodybuilders pay for and cannot generate because of the amount of food they eat (constantly)

Belly fat

If you suffer from an over-accumulation of belly fat, fasting will help eliminate that quickly.
Because you skip a meal, that naturally reduces the calories you eat.
Fasting in itself boosts your metabolism as well.
So, you have leverage in two ways here without too much effort and strain on your part.
I mean, all you have to do is skip a meal to get all these attractive benefits.

Heals your gut

Because you eat less gives your digestion time to re-boot and eliminates all those awful digestive issues.
My digestive issues became the catalyst as to why I decided to fast.
In terms of fat loss, inflammation in the gut is a big contributor to diseases. Fasting seems to negate any negativity, but it is in your own hands.
I knew it would help settle the uncomfortable feelings I had in my gut. I was right! No food for hours will give you that gift!

It supercharged my brain.

Ketones fire up the brain big time.
That’s why so many people swear by fasting when working on an in-depth project or doing something that requires focus and concentration.
BNDF is a molecule that is triggered in the brain when we fast.
This molecule helps build and strengthen neurons and connect in areas of the brain responsible for learning and memory.
A boost in ketones has been shown to improve memory in people with early signs of dementia, as early as six weeks into a fasting regime.
But, this isn’t only an excellent strategy for those with dementia; it’s beautiful for all adults, especially those who want a simple and effective way to be ageless, remain lean and have a sharp mind.

So, how can you fast?

Fasting is pretty simple. You can either skip breakfast or dinner.
Most people choose breakfast as it’s the most inconvenient meal during the day.
It’s also great for those who don’t feel hungry in the morning. There is no point in forcing yourself to eat when you aren’t hungry.
I prefer to fast in the evening.
I do it more because I can’t sleep well with a full stomach. Mine is pretty sensitive.
Although I’m hungry sometimes, it doesn’t bother me. I prefer to have an empty stomach because I sleep a lot better.
My advice is to pick the meal you aren’t hungry for and stick with it.

Fast timing

Get out your phone and do some app research if you are new. I use this one here, as it has several beautiful recipes.
Start slow, with a 12 hour fast, and then slowly extend the time you don’t eat. You can pick longer fasts, but try not to do that too often.
Long duration fasts too often can slow your metabolism.
My favourite fasting time was 18–20 hours when I was trying to lose weight. Now I’m more inclined to practice 16–17 hour day fasts.

Key Take away

I’ve made this process as simple as possible because it should be.
All you have to eat is a healthy diet — that’s it. Just don’t overeat. Treat it like a nutritional plan, but one where you still eat good food but skip a meal.
Slowly add exercise in when you become more accustomed to fasting.
Then when you experience a plateau of weight loss, either extend your fasts a couple of times a week or eat super clean. That is, lean protein like fish eggs and do a bit of carb cycling.
Eventually, those last few KG’s will dissolve, so don’t be too caught upon them.
Just enjoy your new life of good health, a leaner body and clearer skin. What more could one ask for?
Here is some research on Ketones and brain injury
Here is some research on neurodegenerative disease and the effects of ketones

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