Is light cardio workout okay during a keto diet plus intermittent fasting for 16 hours?

You naturally get into a state of ketosis when you are fasting, therefore, it’s in the same group of benefits for this particular weight loss protocol.

Depending on what kind of physique you want, you can chose to opt for light cardio, bouts of it or leave it all up to weight training. We are all on a different pathway to better health and having the physique we desire. This will have an impact on the activity you are choosing to do

You can attempt cardio during the fasting period, although, you do need to be mindful that extreme amounts of it can lead to muscle wastage. You don’t want your body to get into the habit of burning off muscle at the expense of not having enough calories on a day to day basis. As long as you are aware of the disadvantages cardio has whilst on your diet pathway, the better equipped you will be at alternating your journey.

When our muscle is wasted, because our bodies breaks them down to use as an energy source, we take the one thing that helps us to increase our metabolic potential. This is why maintaining and building muscle mass is so important. We need to strengthen our bodies, bones and ligaments, as well as protect our health by having the most optimal metabolism. This will also lead us into good health at a ripe old age.

Intermittent fasting provides you with the perfect environment to build muscle and strength, beyond what you ever thought was available to you. You will not believe the amount of strength you can increase within your body, in a shorter period of time. This is great for those who need to lose weight fast, and also change their body shape. Muscle provides that shapely silhouette that is athletic, lean and strong.

Because of the ease of this lifestyle feeding regime, you can expect it to be come a lot easier, and beneficial for your body and health, whilst also increasing longevity. I’m sure everyone in the world want’s to be as healthy as they can be, during the time they do have left on this planet. This lifestyle habit allows you to do just that, with ease. I don’t think I have experienced such a greater level of inner peace as a results of taking on this lifestyle choice.

With IF, make sure you are constantly alternating your feeding and fasting periods, so that your body does not get used to the same routine. That causes a plateau, and halts weight loss results. Always shift and change, keeping your body guessing each and every day. It’s equipped to create homeostasis given it’s environment. Once that’s set, it takes a conscious shift to get to another level.

You have picked a great lifestyle eating plan to really get you results and a healthier life. Enjoy the journey, and I do hope the information above has been of assistance to you.

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