Do people combine exercise with intermittent fasting? What benefits could that have?

Combining exercise with fasting is one of the best ways in fast track your results – for both muscular gains and fat loss. The strategy is so simple and effective, that you don’t even need to fast on a daily basis in order to gain the endless benefits it offers.

Although most people embark on fasting for it’s fat loss benefits, not enough has been said regarding building muscle mass, strength and endurance as an added incentive. With fasting, you can most definitely build lean muscle mass and shred enough fat to see the wonderful benefits of your gained muscle. We are reducing calories through the reduction in feeding time, which is a lot more beneficial for your basil metabolic weight. It actually increases it over time. The case is not the same for caloric restricted dieting over time. This in fact, lowers your basal metabolic rate, diminishing your potential to burn calories – opting for fat storage instead.

When you combine exercise with any proper nutritional plan, you are more than likely, bound to lose weight and shape up over time. But with IF, you have a few more wonderful benefits for you to contemplate

3 key success benefits of IF no other eating plan provides

  1. Insulin sensitivity increase – This will help you reduce body fat, especially that hard to target place on our belly. It decreases inflammation and allows your body to use the food you eat for energy, rather than store it as fat. This is one of the main problems peopled have when it comes to weight loss. Their insulin is resistant, causing them to put on body fat, increases your chances of developing diabetes and many other health issues. Fasting regularly restores your insulin sensitivity, triggering fat burning as you fast more regularly. This is great news for those of us who would like to indulge a little bit more, and not suffer the usual consequences.
  2. Fat loss that’s finally sustainable! We all want to lose weight, but hate the fact that it can come right back on at the drop of a hat. With IF, this is not usually the case. The key is to keep fasting for life – regularly or every day. Fasting has many health and longevity benefits, therefore, the overall challenge is worth the results it brings.
    In order to keep this fat from re-surfacing again, we have to adapt a high protein, phytonutrient filled diet every day. That means, lots of high quality protein sources from organic, grass fed meats, Fresh organic green vegetables and salad leaves, as well as highly antioxidant fruit – like berries. Keeping our fibre intake is very important, and these foods will benefit you.
  3. Fat burning with the benefits of a flexible metabolism. One of the key benefits of fasting and it’s efficiency, is the ability for it to exercise metabolic flexibility, allowing your body to burn body fat a lot easier and faster than before. Metabolic flexibility is not widely apparent in many eating plans or diets, and is the key factor in helping us achieve our body composition goals, as well as helping us retain it for the duration of our lives (without too much trouble). When you fast, fat burning can increase by anywhere from 30–50 percent! This is huge, considering how frustrating continual low calorie and caloric restricted diets become. Even more so when you put on weight or do not see results.
    Limiting your daily food intake to small window of time, enhances fat burning and can most certainly promote optimal body composition for anyone.

You must plan and structure your eating well, so that you’re able to sustain the prolonged time of fasting. There is nothing worst than feeling hungry when you have a large window of time to go before your first meal. Eliminate this by eating protein, veggies and fats with every meal, carb cycling when you are training, and keeping active and as engaged as possible. Over time, this will become second nature, and you will not feel tempted or tormented as you did initially. All good things come to those that work hard, persistant and keep going when others have stopped ahead… You can contact me any time on my website or join me on fb and insta social. Please feel free to upvote this answer if it has been useful in some way to you.

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