Can I fast off all of my extra fat?

The greatest aspect of fasting is that, when you stop eating for a period of time, your body has the potential to tap into your fat stores for energy, giving you more potential to burn that stubborn body fat, which would otherwise be very challenging to shift.

Fasting is also good for you.

Fasting is not only a tool many people use to burn off body fat, but it’s also beneficial for our mental, physical and spirit. Below are some of the many benefits each and every one of us gain from fasting regularly

  1. Normalization of insulin sensitivity. Preventing diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and even some form of cancers
  2. Reduction of inflammation and free radical damage
  3. Decreasing our levels of triglycerides
  4. Promotion of human growth hormone. This is what helps your body burn fat, build muscle mass and slow down the ageing process

Over time, people naturally become accustomed to eating less food – saving a lot of time, money and wastage

We actually don’t need to eat all the time, and it’s a huge waste on our resources. By eating less – or more so, restricting the time frame that we are eating, our longevity increases, we look better, feel better and begin creating a lifestyle that serves us on not only the body composition level, but one of better and more beneficial health. That is definitely what everyone should aim for when it comes to any form of a dietary plan. There is no benefit in something that makes us feel unwell long term.

Think of the anti-ageing benefits of fasting

As we age, human growth hormone declines (especially in our 20’s) which unfortunately leads to less production of lean body mass and bone density. That also comes with the increase in body fat – especially around that dreaded abdominal area (which is quite dangerous as well.)

As human growth hormone diminishes over time, you will feel and look a lot older.

But the great news is that fasting sets in motion a hormonal chain of events that not only burns the fat stores that have become almost impossible to get rid of, but also protects (and increases) our hard-earned muscle mass.

After roughly 16–24 hours in a fasted state, our bodies release a massive surge of growth hormone. Studies have shown that when you fast for 24 hours, HGH increase averages about 1,300% in women and nearly 2,000% in men! What a massive increase, and all you have to do is abstain from eating! Just make sure you closely monitor those 24-hour fasts, as you may be more inclined to lose muscle mass if you continuously progress with this protocol.

Take away points

Fasting not only decreases those stubborn fat stores in your body, but it also increases your potential to lead a healthier life, look and feel younger, as well as develop a slim physique. And you get all of this for free, no need to take any kind of hormonal treatments, tablets or injections. The only thing you need to do is just abstain from eating for a period of time – consistently and do this for life. Just think of it, all these wonderful benefits, and all you need to do is not eat for a period of time. It doesn’t get easier than this my friend. Just look at my results below…

The image on the left was taken in October 2019.

This image on the right was taken in March 2020







As you can see, a remarkable difference. Less bloating, leaner and more muscular.

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