What are some ways to maintain good health?

Maintaining good health should not be an obstacle, or something to dread. It should be adapted within your lifestyle, no matter how busy it is. If we don’t have our health, then we can’t perform to the best of our ability and be of service to our loved ones. Your health is your wealth, and I would make it your most top priority to date.

4 ways to maintain good health

  1. Get enough sleep. When you don’t sleep well, you lack concentration, you can’t focus, and you become moody and quite possibly binge eat on things that don’t support a healthy lifestyle. Something has got to give in your life – such as, leaving work on time, sleeping in a bit later, going to bed early. Find what works for you. Experiencing sleep deprivation is awful, and you become similar to that of a walking zombie! I know for me, when I don’t sleep enough, I stay stuck on one task for a very long time, not able to move on. I waste time and I can’t focus – making endless mistakes. This isn’t good on the job, with family or clients. You want to be present and do your very best. So please, do make sleep a priority every single day – not just on weekends.
  2. Fasting for health and fat loss. I started with Intermittent fasting a while ago, thinking it would be a good wait to contain my auto immune disease. Little did I know it would help my entire body, my health. my blood results, and help me lose that bloated, water retaining layer of fullness on my body. It’s been the single, most effective strategy I’ve used for weight loss, and I’m absolutely happy to continue it for the rest of my life. If you are doing it for fat loss, you will also benefit health wise. Why not abstain from food for a given stretch of time, in order to experience health and fat loss benefits – without sacrificing your favourite foods. I’ll have that any time of day!
  3. Eat well 80% of the time. Eating well makes a huge difference to your wellbeing, health and outlook on life. If we don’t care what we get our nutrients from, then our bodies won’t really care much about us, increasing our risk of disease, cancer and even old age – way before our time. All it takes is making some simple, yet health choices on a daily basis, and slowly adding more and more to this. For breakfast, have eggs or oats, eliminate sugar and refined carbs from your diet, eat more lean fish, salmon for its omega 3, and when the 3pm munchies hit, have a source of protein instead. These small changes will make a big difference over time.
  4. Exercise every day, even if it’s low impact. I can’t recommend walking every day enough. It’s the most unrelated form of low impact exercise around. Anyone can walk, old, young and even injured. It helps keep us healthy, elevates our heart rate and keeps us trim. We can increase the intensity of our walks by walking faster, carrying something heavy, or walking on different terrain. I also recommend weight training too. As we age, we lose a lot of muscle. Muscle is important for our metabolism, and training with weights strengthens our joints, ligaments and bones, preventing fractures.

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