Top 5 Holistic Ways Towards Better Health, Wellbeing & Happiness

The key to good health is probably something we’ve all thought about at one time or another.

Instinctively, we would divert straight to the nutritional aspect — which is correct. However, nutrition is one part of the equation. What about mental, spiritual and physical health as well? Our wellbeing rests upon hitting goalposts in different areas — not just one. I like to look at good health as a holistic approach, which takes everything as a whole. One missing part of the puzzle can set everything else off balance. Therefore, It’s essential to look at our body requiring different components for good health and wellbeing. 

Top 5 holistic ways towards better health, wellbeing & happiness

One: Fresh is best.

When it comes to picking the best produce, fresh, organic and in-season fruits and veggies are best. It’s a great idea to get yourself some frozen varieties for smoothies (or freeze your fresh range for later use). Eating fresh fruit & vegetables will provide you with vitamins, minerals, fibre and anti-oxidants. These essentials perform multiple functions in our metabolism and protect our cells from oxidation. Although I don’t want to tell you what food preferences are best for your lifestyle and goals, I highly recommend you make the main meals you consume vegetable-based. That could mean eating salads with every meal, soups, baked veggies, and even snacking regularly on these items throughout the day. I love to add nuts, seeds and cinnamon to my bananas, apples, and any other raw snacks that I eat during the day. 

Two: Maintain some form of activity or exercise.

The key to being active all the time is finding something you enjoy doing. It could be walking, running, cycling or perhaps boxing and weight training. Wherever your passion lies will help to keep that spark of enjoyment alive — encouraging you to keep moving forward. Maybe you love a variety of things. For example, I enjoy weight training but love walking and even gymnastics. Each of them plays an integral part in my health. Variety is vital, and you will never become bored. If it’s a sustainable way to be active that you can do no matter what age, then it’s a match made in heaven. I want to touch on this because you should pick an activity that will not wear out your joints or cause significant injury. For example, pushing yourself is a great way to build strength and stamina, but injuries will leave you unable to do much and experience pain and discomfort. 

Three: Show gratitude for the small things.

I believe we sometimes dream of these big, grand gestures but forget to notice those small everyday things that make a difference to us. Maybe it’s your dog greeting you, the neighbour saying good morning or the sun shining when you take a walk. Whatever those small, wisps of feel-good moments happen during your everyday life, take time to notice and appreciate them. A daily practice of gratitude increases your happiness and physical health. It also boosts your immunity and decreases the risk of disease. How can one small thing make such a profound difference? It changes the chemical balance in your body -and happiness, joy, and gratitude move you towards opening yourself to the natural beauty and charm that has always existed right in front of your eyes all this time.

Four: Spending time with friends and family you love.

The connection between another human being (or several) makes you feel happier, productive and less likely to experience health issues or mental health challenges. It certainly makes a massive difference to your outlook when you have someone to turn to; a good friend you trust, a sibling or a parent. Chatting to a loved one can help you find resolutions to challenges or even help to eliminate stress, anxiety and any ill feelings that may be causing you a lot more harm than good. Having a person to turn to when things wear you down not only helps to see the situation as it is but realise that perhaps it wasn’t as bad as you once thought it was. 

Five: Taking time to rest.

I don’t know about you, but I struggle to take time off — mainly because I’m a workaholic and the sole person responsible for what I do. So when you have the stress of dealing with many complex personalities, deadlines and guilt for not spending enough time with your family — it’s time to take a break. Time off allows you to unwind, de-stress, sleep in, relax and bond with your family or friends. If you are a solo traveller, it can give you the time and space to meet some more amazing people to add to your life. People that take their vacation time live longer and have better physical and mental health. Feeding our bodies with the right food and nurturing our hearts and soul are all part of the bigger picture. Of course, experiencing joy and happiness is individual to every one of us. One thing that is uniform with all of us — is the importance of connecting with all parts of us and doing our best to nourish them all in their way. The best time to start this is today.

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