What stops you from eating unhealthy food?

This is an interesting question that I’ve not been asked before. After eating so well for years, you forget what I was like eating unhealthy foods.

I’m a huge believer in food being your medicine, and I’ve seen it work on me, and many others time and time again. I’ve read about it constantly and am convinced in the magic of simple things, such as vegetables, pure oils, nuts and seeds as well as antioxidant rich fruits. Let me delve into the reasons which stop me from eating unhealthy foods. Perhaps you can think about them in this way, so it can assist you to make better food choices on a day to day basis.

7 reasons to avoid unhealthy food

  1. It does not work well for you when trying to attain fitness and weight training goals. I’m not sure what everyone else’s goals are, but mine are conditioning and body reshaping goals, and I would like to achieve them over time. These goals are very important to me, and I require precise nutrition, vitamins and minerals to be able to sustain the training, working everyday and family life. Of course, it’s never easy to handle, and sometimes things like stress and sleep deprivation pop up. But when you are eating well, these don’t have much of an effect on you, and you tend to bounce back really fast. This is what I love about making the best food choices. You can rest assured that your commitment to proper meals and the adequate macros, will allow you to be at your best at all times.
  2. It leaves you feeling tired, unmotivated and moody. Junk food choices mainly contain toxic ingredients and sugar. In large doses, they aren’t good for your body, and provide empty calories with no nutritional value. Eating them when you are tired, may give you a high, but then you will experience the downward spiral in energy. This is when the mood swings come on, as well as feeling tired and needing even more of a fix to lift you back up again. Your concentration goes out the door and bam, you feel unmotivated and lacking any drive. This is an awful way to feel on a daily basis, and you become very unproductive, possibly a drag to be around as well. Why do it to yourself?
  3. It causes many negative gut and stomach reactions. Sugar, toxins in processed foods and colourings cause many negative effects on our gut health, and can develop into serious conditions. Let’s not forget the onset of diabetes, as well as heard disease and tooth decay. Our gut has billions of bacteria, all striving to absorb, digest and eliminate the foods you’ve eaten. If you are always feeding them the wrong stuff, it will cause you damage long term. This can come as feelings of being bloated, diarrhea, constipation or even nutrient deficiency. Our gut health is very important for living a fulfilling life. We need to treat it as a means for keeping us in good health and guarding us against disease.
  4. You to gain unnecessary body fat. Rolls of fat are not my style, but for those who don’t mind them, knock yourself out. I think it’s extremely necessary to have excessive body fat, because fat in itself is a toxin, and the more you have, the more toxins are circulating around your organs. That means disease and ill health, perhaps not now, but in the future, yes. If not for an aesthetically pleasing look, how about doing it so you can have a healthy, disease free life?
  5. It is filled with processed ingredients that’s toxic. Do we all even know what those numbers mean when looking at the ingredients? Half of the time I would not have a clue, unless I’m trying to spot an allergen. Most of them are filled with one chemical or another, and you are eating that. Then it goes through your body, expelled via digestion. Now, just think about the effects over time of those chemicals? It will eventually catch up with you, and don’t doubt that overindulging on processed foods will cause you problems. I’m not talking about one chocolate bar per week, I’m talking packets of crisps, chocolates, lollies etc.
  6. It causes disease and a cascade of health issues. I don’t think we need reminding of the different diseases unhealthy foods pose on our bodies and our health as well. I’m a big believer that your health is your wealth, and that everything (well, almost everything) can be cured or placed under control, via the food we eat on a daily basis. This is how I have settled down my allergies, intolerances and IBS. There is no drug, there is no cure, it’s just eating mindfully and diligently for good health and keeping symptoms under control. Of course, there are more serious health conditions out there, but never forget the power of food, and how it can heal you.

I do hope these help you to make better choices. 🙂

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