How to get a natural energy boost during the day  – everyday!

Are you a morning person? Is that when you find your energy is at it’s highest for you personally? Or are you more the type to get an energetic boost in the evening, and find yourself staying up later? Whatever you answer is, then I would recommend you train at that time. It would be best if you adapted your training schedules according to your energy peaks; in that way, you will get the most benefit out of exercise and exert the most effort. Going against your particular circadian rhythm will leave you open to making many excuses not to exercise at all. I know you can resonate with me with this current statement!

 I’d love to tell you that morning exercise is the best because it sure is for me. I love that the morning allows me to clear my mind, spend time training, and work towards my health and lifting goals. The morning is a time when no one can interrupt me, and I have those precious moments all to myself. That’s why I get the best results from a morning session. Yes, it does indeed give me a huge energy boost throughout the day, but I feel my energy getting lower and lower during a certain time. That’s just a natural occurrence of having to wake up early in the morning to train. But this is the most suitable time for my lifestyle of running a business and having a family. If I were to schedule evening training, I would never have the free time to do some.

We all have to make some sacrifice to train, as it does take time and effort. I’m all for this, and I can’t think of anything worse than sitting in front of the TV to relax. I don’t even watch TV LOL. I urge you to get to the gym and be active, train your body and mind instead of watching too much TV.

 Back to the best training time of the day. I actually recommend training for your goals first thing in the morning. I mean by that is this – if your goal is to build muscle, then strength train. If you are training for a marathon, then make cardio your priority, with some bouts of strength training thrown in during the week. Please make sure you don’t weight train and perform cardio on the same day. Your weight training efforts will be next to none. I made this mistake for several years. Without going into too much detail, make sure you train at the time you have, performing the specific program for your goals. I don’t know what it’s like to train in the evening, but I’m sure, given the energetic boost I get in the morning, I’d be more than likely not to sleep! So do be aware of that aspect as well.

 Training in the morning is like setting the best intention for the day ahead, so you can achieve more, be more and have an enthusiastic boost. This is the best by-product of training, which makes the soreness afterwards that much sweeter.

 I do hope this helps you. Don’t worry about which time of day to train. The time of day that’s the most effective for you is when you focus on your training, have the time to train without interruptions, and are the most energetic during the day. It’s pretty simple and yet effective.

 If you would like more detail about how to stay lean for life, please contact me via the usual channels. I have a comprehensive cheat sheet that outlines the best fat loss strategy phases in more detail, including an option to download the ultimate fat burning menu pack, and structure with training and fat loss. You can also find me on social if you have any questions or would like to connect. 

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