Five simple habits that keep you looking younger with more energy for the things you love

You can still increase your energy levels and look younger no matter what age. Here’s how.

You can become healthy at any age.
Thankfully, we can choose what’s important to us and how we want to lead our lives.
One aspect of growing older is the underlying truth that perhaps the way we ate as our younger self no longer suits us or has made us sick over the years.
If only we had the maturity to pay attention to this earlier on. I know I, for one, never did.
The truth is, you are never too old or too young to change your habits.
The body is an array of mechanical processes doing its very best no matter what food or activity we put it through.
Short-term habits should be enforced for long-term gain, and you must commit to what’s required daily.
In the short term, it may be annoying and uncomfortable to change. But in the long run, it will pay dividends when it comes to your health and well being.
I don’t know about you, but I want to live life to the absolute fullest. There is no time to be plagued with ongoing health issues, medical bills, specialists and the like. Who has time for that?
Here are a few things you can do which will alter your health, making you an extremely fit and energetic person.

Habit One: Intermittent fasting.

Fasting works wonders for people who have a lot of body fat and weight to lose.
For others like myself, who have those problem areas, it can be good for you as well!
Alternating feeding windows allows you to practice self-discipline and gives your body time to regenerate and heal.
This one technique increases your growth hormone, which is the key to longevity and getting the upper hand on ageing.
It has the potential to help you look younger physically.
HGH increase strength and hypertrophy for those who train with weights.
Overall, intermittent fasting is excellent for those willing to adopt it as a lifestyle habit.
Those who want to lose different amounts of body fat, put on muscle, and heal their bodies or look younger. It pretty much ticks the boxes on everything.

Habit Two: Eating more fatty fish

Fish is an excellent source of protein, is lean, light, and packed full of omega-three fats.
Omega 3 is linked to lowering inflammation markers, heart disease and can contribute to overall weight loss.
The best types of seafood to eat are; Salmon, sardines, rainbow trout and tuna (in moderation, of course, due to its mercury content)
Fish also contains DHEA
An omega-three fatty acid is required to keep your brain functioning naturally and efficiently.
The brain and nervous system are partly made up of fat and prefer DHEA fat.
In addition, long term consumption of DHEA could improve memory, learning ability and a reduction in cognitive decline.
A perfect add on to your already healthy diet for optimal brain health.

Habit Three: Weight training

I do go on and on about weight training.
It’s no surprise that this is the mightiest of techniques for weight loss and leading a healthy life.
Strengthening your body means you also increase your inner wellbeing.
Weights burn body fat faster than steady-state cardio, plus build muscle, making you a metabolic energy chewing machine!
I don’t know a better feeling than one where you have conquered the voice inside your head that said you couldn’t lift a particular weight or perform a specific exercise.
We learn this in the gym when we smash out those limiting beliefs one by one.

Habit Four: Eating less red meats & poultry protein.

I found that this worked wonders for me.
Unfortunately, even though certain meats are classed as ‘organic’, you don’t and won’t know how misleading this is.
The animal could have been fed grains and soy, for all you know.
When I ultimately stopped eating red meats and pork or any animal protein stuffed with antibiotics, I experienced fewer gut and stomach upsets, and my inflammation markers decreased.
I was no longer experiencing joint pain and structural imbalances in my hips.
It’s a HUGE breakthrough for me, as I train very heavy and hard with weights.
Not anymore! If only today’s chiropractors could discuss this issue in more detail, rather than limiting it to an imbalance.
Contaminated meats can cause inflammation.
If anyone who reads this experiences similar problems, please eliminate red meat and anything containing antibiotics from your diet for 40 days.
See if it makes a difference to your joint inflammation.
My abdominal fat decreased, and I lost body fat overall in terms of weight loss.
When your body is constantly inflamed, you tend to increase belly fat. That was the first place that leaned up when I gave meat the back door!

Habit Five: Eating more vegetables

The key to weight loss is making sure you feel full and satisfied with every meal.
Satiety occurs by adding fibrous veggies to every single one of your meals.
Fill your plate with broccoli, spinach, kale or cauliflower.
Add a big salad and dress it with olive oil and protein sources.
You will be guaranteed to stay satisfied and have a constant energy source during the day. Do this religiously, and watch your body shape change; your health and longevity increase!
Some of the best veggies that make you look younger are:-
– Kale, as it contains vitamin K, fibre, also lowers cholesterol and blood pressure.
– Blackberries are filled with antioxidants.
– Brussels Sprouts are equipped with tumour suppressing genes, treat rheumatoid arthritis by reducing inflammation.
Changing some habits that may have been limiting us for years is the key to living your best life.
Once you begin to eliminate those things which have caused you to diminish in health and lag in energy — the sky is the limit.
There is no guarantee that every day will be marvellous.
We have to be realistic as stressors in our daily life can make us feel as bad as a junk food binge. But if we watch our nutrition and exercise, we have a lot more chance of success than before.
Keep up the effort and work needed along the way, and the benefits will show themselves in more ways than one.
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