Eight Simple Ways to Feel Good About Your Life

Eight Simple Ways to Feel Good About Your Life

Feel good and become your best self in eight simple ways

Feeling good inside and out takes daily, conscious effort. I believe it’s an important ‘self-care’ routine. Not only what goes into your body matters, but what thoughts run rampant in your mind impacts your decisions moment-by-moment basis. Missing one day of working through that important ‘self-care’ routine puts you in a position to operate at a lower frequency. Operating at a level less than your best can weaken your self-esteem and self-belief, inhibiting your life from progressing to a higher level. It could be work or even making the conscious choice to go to the gym because your mission is to lose weight. Those little decisions we make either enhance or decrease our life quality. It’s natural for challenges and setbacks to occur all the time. We have to expect those but not become diminished in character by them. The more we practice our self-care routine and make the conscious effort to keep working on our mindset, the better we will continuously operate whilst increasing happiness and health. 

One: Step outside for some nature therapy

Being outdoors, sunshine and the sun’s warmth profoundly impact our well-being and mental health. Even though most of us must get into the office regularly — find some nature strip or a park close by (you are winning if there is water around you) and make it your mission to get outside at lunchtime for some ‘outdoor therapy.’ Whenever I suffer from an ‘office work’ headache, creative block, or feel overwhelmed by life — all I need to do is see something green, and my mood is lifted instantly. 

Two: Lose yourself in your best line of fitness

When I’m by the bar, I can deal with anything. Some people may think I’m talking about the pub kind of bar — but it’s the real therapeutic barbell bar I’m talking about here! Lifting weights for over 20 years has increased my self-confidence. Through lifting weights, I know that my only limitations are the ones I set upon myself. You can change your body and become stronger internally and externally by lifting weights. Perhaps it’s similar to a runner’s high — but I get high by the bar — lifting weights. Maybe you have never lifted weights before — or prefer doing something else. Whatever you love — keep on doing it. The more you immerse yourself in what feels good — the better you will feel (not to mention look!). 

Three: Showing gratitude for the little things makes a big difference

I have a little space in my planner that asks me, “what are three things you were grateful for today?” and I write to my favourite little wins that made me smile. They don’t move the earth I walk on — but they helped bring more sunshine into my life. Everyone has a little spot on their planner for gratitude, so take the time every day to write down three things that made you feel good — even if it was just a dog that jumped on you for a cuddle. 

Four: Let food be your best-kept feel-good medicine

I know that sometimes junk food can be appealing — but it only feels fantastic a few seconds after you eat it — it all goes downhill. The slump starts to take hold, and you begin to feel awful. So, a good balance is eating well 90% of the time and saving a small amount for eating those ‘naughty energy-zapping things’ later. We all need a bit of a balance in our lives, and food is no exception. Just make sure you feel great through the foods you eat more often. How else are you going to enjoy life and be your very best? 

Five: Wonderful people have just as much of an impact as negative ones

To lead a happy life, you must surround yourself with loving, supporting and fun people. Maybe that is your family or perhaps the people you work with. It makes a massive difference to your confidence, surrounded by those who want you to win. The problem is that negative people start eating away your faith until you are stranded in a sea of self-doubt. I know this is a tricky situation — and it takes a lot of mind training to move past it. But I’m living proof it can be done. The evidence manifests when you work on it daily — and never miss it! There will be days when everything you do sucks —that’s when you get out some YouTube comedy, positive audiobooks or speak to a good friend. Whatever it is, look and listen to it more often than those negative Nancys! 

Six: Sleep is the nectar of mental and physical health

I don’t ever sleep enough — and this month, my next challenge is to sleep for 30 minutes more every day and then assess the differences it makes In my life. Usually, lack of sleep decreases my concentration levels and puts me in a bad mood most days — and I hate feeling that way. I always tell myself that if I am going to die tomorrow, I want today to be the best it can be. You never know when you won’t be around — so make it count by sleeping more and making the most of each moment you’re blessed to have! 

Seven: Giving love to others will eventually come back to you

It’s always nice when people love us — but how about we start spreading that loving-kindness to others? Making someone else feel good comes back to you, so don’t hold back! Even when a person isn’t that kind — direct even more love their way. This person may have had a challenging day, struck by bad news or something stirring inside them causing the behaviour. Don’t take it personally because you may have acted similarly at some stage. Of course, no one is perfect — but we can still be kind. 

Eight: Laugh more than you cry

When my mum passed away, I was crying all the time. Even though it’s been about eight months, I have finally begun to laugh more than cry. I know she would want me to live my life happily, although I miss her so much. Make sure you have laughed a lot more every day than being saddened by the run-ins with life. It does make a difference. 

Key take away

Do more of what you love, and be around those who light up your life and bring a smile to your face. These eight points above help us see how simple and beautiful life can be when we work on the little things daily. 

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