Drinking Enough Coffee Daily May Lower your Risk of Death – but not Always!

Drinking Enough Coffee Daily

Coffee has some excellent benefits and perhaps something that we’re not aware of

There aren’t many people who don’t live for their first cup of coffee in the morning. The more I read about the wonders of coffee, the happier I become, and I know that my once-deemed ‘expensive habit’ is helping me lower my morality rate and keeping me alert, lean, and happy! 

The Caffeein hit first thing.

I view my first-morning coffee as a ritual and something that sets my day right. Exercise has the same effect on me. I believe the first cup of coffee has to be good, or the rest of my day isn’t right. As silly as that might sound, it works well for me, and I see the amount I pay for my first cup as an investment in my day ahead.

The study

A study indicated how effective coffee consumption is for men and women in reducing our risk of death and digestive disease. Men who drank coffee had a 56 per cent lower chance, whilst women came in with a 40 per cent lower risk.

These comparisons were made against people who do not drink coffee (who are these people anyway?!)

Not only do you lower your risk of death, but you also get the upper hand in reducing your coronary heart disease and stroke risks. It’s a real shame that studies have not yet delved into the long-term effects (when it comes to health) of drinking coffee.

The results above were concluded from short-duration studies. This research has uncovered one thing that should warn you about: you can have too much of a good thing! For example, anyone under 55 who drinks a lot of coffee — more than four cups per day — may be at greater risk of early death. 

And not die from heart problems but death from all causes. If you have underlying health conditions, speak to your doctor about how much you should and should not consume. Some health conditions warrant talking with your doctors, such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Although a few cups a day shouldn’t cause any damage, I recommend getting the doctor’s clearance first, as we all experience different side effects from caffeine. 

How much coffee should you drink?

 This is a great question and one you should remember, especially if your coffee consumption is a little on the higher end of the scale. The European food safety authority recommends consuming a maximum (for adults) of up to 400mg daily, about 5.7mg/kg BW per day. 

Foods like chocolate, tea, energy drinks, and cola increase your caffeine quota. That can seem small, but it can become much more in a day than recommended. A few cups of coffee daily won’t cause much harm and will help keep certain diseases at arm’s length.

Coffee has become a cultural hit for most of us; coffee shop hopping is very common. In addition, many people like to try new blends and flavours. Coffee moments with special people are significant — since we’ve all been tucked away in a room communicating through Zoom for years. Going out for a coffee brings both a connection and mental health benefits — so why not keep doing it, considering all the health benefits that come along too? 

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