5 added benefits of a foam roller you didn’t know about

You will never regret the purchase of something so marvellous

I live in tune with my foam roller. It’s the most precious reliever of sore muscles when I am too lazy or time-poor. Usually, an hour massage is out of the question for me. I’m just not that much of a fan. Massages usually result in a lot of pain with bruises to match. It’s not a pretty sight either, due to the horrible facial expressions that appear on my face. In the comfort of my own home, surrounded by my fur kids (they like to roll with me), it becomes a bit of a family experience. The versatility of the foam roller goes beyond easing sore muscles; it is a great tool to use when warming up or to cool down. I don’t ever use it for either, but I love to end it after a hard day by giving myself a soothing foam roll massage.

Here are some more benefits of the foam roller you probably didn’t know about

One: It can reduce the appearance of cellulite

Although this is not a miracle cure or a temporary reliever of cellulite, it does loosen and break up the fascia.Fascia is the connective tissue that can give our body an appearance of cellulite.If you are eating a whole-food diet, exercising and drinking lots of water, there is no harm in adding some foam rolling around your problem areas.Use it as a tool to break up the fascia rather than a permanent fixture.

Two: It gives you more range of motion

Range of motion refers to the muscles’ flexibility, which allows you to use the most muscle fibres during your workout. We all should aim for this, as it will help shape and tone the muscle to its full potential. It also helps protect us from injury. Just think of all the exercise’s you find hard to perform because you don’t have the flexibility to do so. Again, using the foam roller regularly can help.

Three: Helps unwind and relax your body and mind

This is why I permanently save my foam rolling at the end of the day — usually an hour or two before bedtime. It’s not only soothing and relaxing for my muscles, but it helps to ease tension and calm my body and mind at the same time. This theory may not work for everyone because it can cause you a lot of pain when rolling out the fascia — but once that uncomfortableness has disappeared — blissful relaxation takes its place. But, of course, maybe that’s just me!

Four: Faster muscle building and endurance results

Because the foam roller benefits from elevating sore and tired muscles, it can increase your ability to exercise more frequently and use a higher level of competency due to your increased range of motion. Think back to when you were sore and training in the gym (or at home). The movement was a lot more challenging to perform, and perhaps you couldn’t do as much. This impairs your training and decreases your stamina. A good option is to use the foam roller during your breaks between exercises. That in itself will supercharge your muscles power within moments. Try it out next time your workout is becoming mediocre because of sore muscle’s.

Five: Posture improvements

Do you sit on a chair in the offices most of the day, or maybe you find yourself slouching or hunching those shoulders constantly? Sitting down for hours on a chair (no matter how many times you get up) Causes your muscles to tighten. Foam rolling loosens up those knots and gets the blood circulating once again. Use it on your spine to straighten your shoulders. As hard as it can be to start using the foam roller, think of all the added benefits you will get — for a fraction of the cost of a massage and all done within the convenience of your own home. The more you release the tension, the better you will perform in the gym and increase the quality of your life and health in the process. Now if you excuse me, I’m off to get my regular foam rolling fix for the evening. If you would like to read more articles like this or start writing your own, please sign up via my link here. I’d love to see you on the other side. Sign up here for your medium subscription

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