These Four Things Happen will happen To You When Eating Brussels sprouts


There is a reason why your parents wanted you to eat Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts belong to the family of wonderful cruciferous vegetables.
These little mini cabbages look likes are thought of as superfoods, like their sibling’s kale and broccoli.
Most people look disgusted when I mention how much I love Brussels sprouts.
You would think I said a can of Coke instead of these beautiful vegetables!
If you don’t like Brussels sprouts, you miss a lot of nutrient value.
Brussels sprout’s cancer-fighting properties start to break down when you cook them.
When buying them, look for firm bright green or purchase frozen instead. They are just as tasty and nutritious as the fresh variety.
Pair Brussels sprouts with protein, carbs and fat for a complete meal.
Roast lightly in the oven with coconut oil, salt, and cayenne pepper for a metabolism kick.
Here’s what eating more Brussels sprouts will do for you.

One: You will keep yourself in Keto mode
Brussels sprouts are very low in carbs (and calories, mind you). Eating them regularly as part of your low-carb diet will give you 8 grams of carbs per cup — which is fantastic.

Two: It will aid in weight loss & regulate blood sugar
Fibre is your best friend if you want to lose weight.
Being hungry all the time is not unusual when on a low-calorie diet. But, if you eat enough veggies filled with fibre, including Brussels sprouts (6 grams per cup), you will be delighted and eat less overall.
Fibre is also crucial in giving your gut good quality food. That then converts into short-chain fatty acids that help keep your blood sugar in check while regulating hunger and immunity and keeping your brain sharp!

Three: It helps eliminate any inflammation in your body
Some inflammation is normal and beneficial in healing and combating pathogens; things turn for the worst when this inflammation becomes chronic.
This inflammation is associated with type 2 diabetes, heart disease and autoimmune disease.
Brussels sprouts help by using their inherently high antioxidant properties to promote balance in the body while decreasing inflammation.

Four: It helps to preserve and protect your brain
Brussels sprouts have one unique antioxidant called Kempferol that helps to protect our brains.
A four-week study on rats given Kaempferol extracted from Brussels sprouts for four weeks had lower levels of oxidative stress.
I also helped to boost protection from the development of Alzheimer’s disease.
While this study was only conducted on lab rats and brussel sprout extracts, we don’t know how much applies to humans. In saying that, it is more beneficial to eat them than not.

Key take away
Eating various fruits, vegetables and protein sources is essential to add variety and nutrient value to your meals daily.
Cruciferous vegetables have a more comprehensive range of vitamins, minerals and antioxidant properties that blow all other competitive vegetables out the window.
So, grab a bag of Brussels sprouts next time you’re shopping — you won’t regret it.
Hands up, who loves Brussels spouts?

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