Four foods you should eat for their brain boosting power

Four foods you should eat for their brain boosting power

Why not alter your nutrition strategy for brain-boosting benefits as well as weight loss

Food is the key to a healthy body and mind — there is no doubt about that. Throw in some exercise for good measure, and you have a match made in heaven. Diets and muscle building is essential — but so is igniting the power in your brain. Brain fog, memory loss, and the inability to retain information are a real drag — and we tend to blame it on old age (maybe that’s just me!). Perhaps to a minimal extent, it may be — but we can change everything when we alter our lifestyle. It’s not going to happen overnight — nor will it be okay to transition back to your old self in three months. Like fasting, lifting weights and dieting — everything takes time, patience and a lifetime of effort. So, continually work on strengthening your brain as well as your body. Remember my saying — that we’re holistic beings? Our brain is part of that system, too — and an essential part. If you want to make the best use of what you have and increase the efficiency and capacity of your brain, then be sure to add these foods to your diet every week.


One: Broccoli or green veggies

Most of us do not eat enough vegetables — and prefer to start our meals with the protein portion on our plate. My coach always told me to eat my protein first, but now we know better than this! Eating all of your veggies is the essential part of your plate — and, therefore, should be the most significant component. Add as many leafy greens as possible, including broccoli. Broccoli is one of the most potent green veggies since it’s very high in vitamin K & choline, which has been known to increase cognitive ability and memory. Broccoli is also abundant in folic acid, which has many benefits for women wanting to get pregnant and combat depression and Alzheimer’s.


Two: Fish

Not all fish are created equal, but oily fish take the lead regarding brain health. Fish like salmon, sardines, and mackerel will help boost your brainpower due to their abundance of Omega 3 fats like the EPA and DHA. When you eat fatty fish, you help protect the brain from cellular damage whilst encouraging the growth of new brain cells, helping boost your memory and combating depression and Alzheimers. Think of a powerhouse meal you will have when combining broccoli with salmon.


Three: Tomatoes

As much as I miss the tomatoes I ate in abundance during my last visit to Greece, I prioritise eating them as much as possible at home — and encourage my family to do so. Tomatoes hold so many incredible health benefits, such as their large quantities of carotenoid lycopene, that’s a powerful antioxidant. Lycopene helps prevent certain types of damage inside the brain while also helping you reduce degenerative diseases like dementia. One thing you should regularly do is try to cook your tomatoes because that helps your body to absorb lycopene. You could add that to a sauce or some dish regularly. But, in saying that, don’t dismiss the raw tomato variety because that also benefits your brain health.


Four: Blueberries

These are the best superfoods you can eat regularly. If you can’t get on fresh blueberries, try to consume the frozen variety in your smoothies. Blueberries are suitable for your brain health; they also aid in lowering inflammation, increasing your cardiovascular health and reducing your risk of certain cancers. Because blueberries are high in antioxidants, they assist in helping you improve your cognitive ability whilst helping reduce the brain challenges we all face as we get older. Try to eat the organic variety of blueberries because they are part of the dirty dozen list of fruits. But unfortunately, they absorb the chemicals used to protect blueberries from pests, and eating the non-organic variety will give you pesticide residue. Also, washing them does not take the chemicals off. So, if you are going to eat berries, eat them in organic form and frozen. It’s easy to start adding these wonderful foods into your diet to improve overall health and increase our brain capacity as we age. Start adding these to your family’s meals to help encourage your kids to make wiser choices for their health and longevity. 

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