Why Your Gut Starts to Express Hurt Feelings After 40

Why is it so sensitive now that I’m a lot older — 43, to be exact!

 It’s normal to expect some changes to your digestive system as you age. The truth is the accumulation of poor diets, eating habits, lifestyles, diseases, and certain medications start to show their true colours.So many new medical issues can arise with age. Conditions like cancer, colorectal disease, irritable bowel syndrome and even celiac disease. Unfortunately, our digestive tract starts to slow down as we age (I’m 43 and have noticed this happen to me in my late 30’s). You may find yourself going from constipation to diarrhoea with no explanation — or your digestive issues can worsen as you age. It’s essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eating plan early on in life. How One Nerve Can Stop You From Losing Weight And Mess With Your Stomach But, if you recall your teenage years — we arrogantly assume we’re unstoppable. Nothing will happen to us! That’s why I don’t bother “lecturing” my teenage daughter anymore. But, of course, I wouldn’t have listed either. The good news is as follows. It’s never too late to turn things around. Our bodies tend to heal in miraculous ways when we start eating nutritious meals. Foods such as protein, cruciferous veggies, complex carbohydrates and lots of water will positively influence your digestive system and your health as well. Here is a great drink you should have every single morning to help your digestion The Best Drink For Health & Weight Loss, First Thing In The Morning Being active too is very important. Endless cardio every single day isn’t the answer. Moderate to light exercise is recommended, as well as strength training. Use weights to change your body shape, lose weight and build much-needed muscle mass. Having strong bones is essential as we age because protecting our bones from fractures and falls will help us lead a more active life. The weight of what we lift will force our bones to become stronger. Here is some help to get you started. Fire Up Your Metabolism & Stay Lean All-Year-Round In Four Ways 

Key Takeaways

Your diet and lifestyle are critical factors in how your digestion works and how sensitive it becomes. Therefore, you must pay attention to any adverse food reactions. If you feel uncomfortable after eating something, eliminate it from your diet and see what happens. Sometimes we have to pay attention to the reactions of foods we don’t eat, rather than the ones we do! Also, keep tabs on your stress levels. Too much stress can cause digestive upsets like irritable bowel syndrome. This is when we need to include relaxation and meditation techniques and find ways to calm those stressful and anxious moments. You can easily mislead your diagnosis for a bowel condition when it could be your bodies natural way of reacting to stressful events. Make it a habit to eat well every day and get enough fibre while keeping yourself hydrated. It’s so important to exercise regularly and maintain an active lifestyle. It’s an excellent healthy habit for people of all ages. These are pretty much the basics of good digestion. Some people may not have a problem leading up to old age but may experience one or more hindrances. It’s essential to contact your doctor or specialist if you are suffering different symptoms or find digestive issues are diminishing the quality of your life. There is only so much you can do on your own; a specialist in the field will be able to ease your mind by discovering the underlying cause of your digestive disturbances. Has anyone else found that age has blessed them with a sensitive digestive system? 

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