Five Easy And Fast Ways To Bring On Number Two Every Single Morning

Yes, I know this is confronting — but it’s better out than in!

Some subjects are cringe-worthy; I quiver trying to talk about them. Doing a poo is one of them! Why are we so embarrassed about something natural that occurs in everyone’s daily life? Some people find it easy, and a lot have more difficulty. I believe the embarrassment in peoples bowel habits becomes a scary topic when things don’t seem to be going the right way (pun unintended!). Those who have difficulty releasing their bowels tend to live in silent pain and are more than likely to be petrified of how their bodies will react to certain things on a day to day basis. Some people have challenges with their bowls because of food choices. And then others have a medical condition or a silent one. For example, I have a silent challenge with my own bowels. It can be a tricky topic to talk about unless speaking to a professional. However, I find that it helps to discuss this with others who may experience discomfort too. I feel that we’re all in our little world battling the moods of our gut constantly. My day seems to be ruled by whether or not I do a poo. The good news is if you are finding a non-existent bowel movement is causing a lot of discomfort in your everyday life, and it’s perhaps stopping you from leading a normal one — I have good news for you! Healing our gut is a never-ending process. Some people struggle with this. Therefore, constant attention to your diet and activity is essential if you want to keep yourself regular. What could be more important than making sure you’re able to lead the best possible life every single day? Unfortunately, a non-existent bowel movement over a substantial number of days can make this very hard. Being uncomfortable, feeling pain or bloating is never enjoyable, and I hear you — experiencing panic when your bowel doesn’t move regularly is something most of us face daily. The light is at the end of the tunnel, and here are five ways you can make a poo happen tomorrow morning (and every day after that)! 

Here are some simple ways you can bring it on during the morning.

Strategy one: Wake up earlier.

 I know some people aren’t what you’d call a morning person, but it’s essential to wake up at a regular time to keep your bathroom schedule intact. I have found that getting up earlier really helps to bring on a bowel movement. If you allow yourself plenty of time in the morning and are not in a rush to do 100 things, the body will naturally want to expel what it needs to — in peace and calmness. Stress seems to cease up the need to go and do number two. So be sure to keep drinking water as much as you can to trigger elimination as fast as possible. 

Strategy Two: Drink lemon, ginger wedges in hot water

One of the best & my favourite strategies. I cut up lemon wedges (without the skin) and some ginger. I let that sit in a mixture of boiled water and pour in some room temperature water. It’s the warmth of the beverage that stimulates the bowel. Warm water also widens blood vessels in the digestive system and helps increase blood flow and GI activity. This method works extremely well, and I wish I had tried it years ago. Drink several cups in the morning before food for the ultimate effect. 

Strategy Three: Drink lots more water during the day

Warm lemon water is great, but drinking 2–3 litres of water per day will help hydrate your bowels and make it easier to expel what’s needed. That includes unwanted gas. Your body needs fluid to break down any food in the gut. Try drinking water an hour or so after your meals to help move foods along the digestive tract. 

Strategy Four: Get active

Any physical activity can bring on the need to go to the bathroom. So it’s a good idea to give yourself a pre- bowl moving workout that won’t inhibit you from performing your proper training. A good option is to walk, using long strides or jogging up and downstairs. If you drink your warm water as you do light exercise, you can be sure to get that bowel activated and ready to go soon enough. 

Strategy Five: Plan your bowel trigger food methods

If you aren’t the type to take supplementation, think about adding specific high fibre (or poo enhancing foods) into your daily diet. Fruit like berries and a handful of almonds are great options. They are both portable and are delicious eaten together. In addition, nuts contain magnesium which is known to relieve constipation. You could also try adding prunes to your breakfast or a yogurt snack. The number of prunes that help elimination is about 10 per week. I have found that smoothies that contain the fruit pulp work well at helping you ignite some bowel action. There will be times when opening your bowel can become a problem again, despite what you’re drinking and eating. Hormones and stress can impact your ability to do regular number twos. On days like this, go easy on your body. Drink a little more water, eat a bit more fibre and let nature take its course the day after.

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