Three easy exercise hacks for faster glute development

Man sumo deadlifting heavy weight

You need to apply a few strategies to your training regime to strengthen and tone your backside.

Many people are unaware of the need to account for lifting sufficient weight to overload the muscles to reshape them.

I’ll highlight a few hacks to get you started with glute training. Once you develop a routine and proper exercise rhythm, reshaping your glutes won’t be an issue and will boost your confidence and change your overall physique. Remember that we want to hit the most muscles possible to create the best metabolic shift.

Three easy exercise hacks for faster glute development

One: You use classic lifting movements such as deadlifts, squats and lunges, creating shapely legs, glutes and overall structural balance.

Multi-joint exercises are your best bet towards shaping glutes and legs. Multi-joint movements activate the glutes, and they are required to do a lot of the work. That ensures you grow the largest number of muscle fibres. The added benefit of this kind of training is the production of metabolic stress, helping you to shed body fat as well.
Action steps: Focus on deadlifts because you can use a lot of weight. Using something like the hex bar can allow you to train them to fatigue without compromising your form or injuring yourself. The hex bar is also great if you want to perfect your condition or are a beginner. It forces you to use the correct form throughout the fluidity of the movement. Deep squats activate the glutes a lot more than the parallel variety. It also helps strengthen your hamstrings and quads.

Two: Train your legs unilaterally – use precise movements. These include single-leg presses, lunges, step-ups and deadlifts. These movements allow you to target the glutes more effectively by activating both the left and right side, assisting in a more symmetrical development and overcoming any weak connections from the brain to our muscles. We are all unbalanced, and singular exercises help us create even strength on both sides of the body. Just think these movements will allow for a rounder, shapely gluteal muscle.
Action steps: Try exercises such as lunges, donkey kicks and step-ups. Donkey kicks activate the gluteal muscles and increase the size of your quads and hamstrings.

  1. The ultimate glute-building essentials Here are a few exercise alternatives that target and build a nice pair of glutes. Use these in conjunction with those multi-joint exercises for the ultimate burn and build
  2. Barbell glute bridges
  3. Reverse hyperextensions
  4. Glute-ham raises
  5. Good mornings

All these exercises within your leg day program will surely build a nice, refined, toned pair of glutes. Keep working on these and increase your weight as you get stronger.

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