Two training ideas you can do when you lack energy (and still get the benefits)

Being committed & sticking to your goals is the key to achieving what you want.
Some days it can be easy, and others can be quite hard. There have been many days I can’t always perform my workouts. It depends on my stress level, how busy I was at work the previous day, and how I feel. There are some days which I have to stay up late at night, and this usually decreases my workout potential. It’s not uncommon to experience these workout hick-ups once in a while, and it’s part of life. The key to staying on the path, despite this setback, is to accept it for what it is and start fresh the next day.
Usually, I can push through anything negative, but most days, I can’t. The best way to combat this feeling is to do something. I don’t know about you, but on those mornings, I have that inner voice telling me that they really can’t be bothered with a workout. I know by now (after training for about 15 years) I’m going to feel better after doing something. How can any inner voice argue with that one?
After a while, our bodies want to experience that high from a workout and we become somewhat obsessed with it. It becomes a positive addiction. This doesn’t disturb me in the least, as I know working out is therapy for me. Without it, I don’t feel like I’ve started my day right.
If you cannot make your training session, you can do a few other things to keep yourself accountable and make sure you’re getting some workout. I always say something is better than nothing.

Two training ideas you can do when you lack energy (and still get the benefits)

  1. You can go walking instead. Walking is something I love to do. I stay on the treadmill, do my stretching and perhaps some abdominal exercises. It suits anyone, no matter what age, and you can do it when you’re very low on energy. It’s low impact enough to still help you out on the fat-burning scale and give you those feel-good hormones you experience after a workout. I can never talk enough about walking. In the summertime, I go for a long walk in our local park, even on tough days. It’s usually a lot nicer when there is just a spark of light around. It’s just beautiful being in nature. That alone can light you off a bad mood.
  2. You can always do something at home. If you are keen on working out, you may have purchased some equipment during the pandemic. I bought a bunch of bands, TRX, chin up and some handheld weights. These are still effective, and you can definitely follow someone’s workout on youtube and still get a good session in. If you are tired, I highly recommend having a stretching workout, meditation or maybe some abdominal work. I always shave off my ab workout due to time restraints and find that on those de-loading days, I can incorporate them with patience and get better abdominal definition.

One final thought:

I know you may probably feel guilty when you don’t work out, and I must remind you of the following quote as your coach and friend.
One day off or one cheat meal will not harm your body or your weight loss goals.
I know plenty of people who regularly take a week off training to restore and replenish their bodies and kick it off better than ever when they return. This is a beautiful idea and a great way to re-invigorate your passion and drive for working out again.
I see it as a complete love affair with the metal – and only some of us crazy people can understand that it’s more than just about the way we look. It’s got everything to do about our inner wellbeing, our soul and the challenge we set for ourselves. Not a workout goes by when I’m not challenging myself in some way, and prove that you can do this? Once you overcome that small part – you can do absolutely anything.
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