Women Can Triple Their Weight Loss By Combining Two Powerful Methods

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Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston swear by this method

Weight loss can be laborious, slow and sometimes downright frustrating. I know because I, too, have been there several times.
Sometimes we kid ourselves by doing the same thing repeatedly, hoping for a different result. Then, we are frustrated and feel we aren’t trying hard enough.
Problems arise when we start taking drastic measures. It could leave us worse off than when we started.

What this weight loss method means for you
A lot of you may have previously read my posts regarding Intermittent fasting. For years, I’ve used this method to eliminate bloating, rid myself of excess body fat, boost my cognitive power, and of course, weight loss and maintenance.
Even celebrities like Jennifer Aniston swear by Intermittent fasting, and Jen chooses to eat breakfast a little later (more like brunch).
Intermittent fasting is fantastic but doesn’t solve all your weight loss problems, and we need to do far more than that. Fasting is best when combined with a proper diet and exercise.

What is the best exercise to enhance weight loss?
One form of exercise can supercharge your weight loss results. At the moment, HIIT is trending yet again as one of the most time-effective ways to work out.
Studies show that these short bursts of exercise and intermittent fasting help women lose twice as much weight.
To uncover this secret, researchers recruited 131 overweight women aged 19–45. A quarter of them exercised with the TRE method, and the other quarter used HIIT for seven weeks. A control version of the group continued with their diet and usual physical activity.
When the seven weeks were over, researchers compared these three groups.
Compared to the control group, participants in the TRE regime lost 2.1kg. The HIIT group lost 1.8kg.
Then, the combined HIIT and intermittent fasting group lost an average of 3.6kg.
Researchers said that eating for a shorter period during the day naturally cuts your caloric intake, which helps make exercise efforts a lot more successful.
These stats are fantastic, but I would go one step further and combine HIIT with weight training.
Although HIIT is known to retain muscle mass, you cannot build muscle without lifting weights regularly. Too much cardio can burn into our muscle mass, lowering our metabolic rate.

A message for those who are nearing or experiencing menopause now
Women should be made aware of the complications of ageing -especially menopause.
We lose our bone density and then risk developing a pot belly due to hormonal shifts. But that doesn’t have to be your reality if you exercise and eat well.
The key to maintaining your shape and health is to make an effort for the rest of your life.
Think of it this way; you are keeping your body in shape and eliminating the chance of developing chronic disease. Fasting also helps combat inflammation, a naturally occurring and self-inflicting reaction from our bodies.
As I always tell women — it’s got to be within your lifestyle plan — something you do as part of your daily routine.
Do something else if you can’t get to the gym on a particular day. Walk more, get on a bike or take a yoga class.
Staying fit, healthy, lean and muscular takes work — and it does get harder to maintain as we age. The good news is it’s never too late, and our bodies will naturally adapt and get stronger if we keep challenging ourselves.

Here are some easy tips to help fast-track your results:

One: If yours stuck on what foods to eat
Studies show that the Mediterranean diet is one of the best ways to lose weight, maintain weight, and eliminate disease. Foods that are abundant in this diet are based on plants, high in good quality fats, pulses with minimal animal protein and an occasional glass of red wine.

Two: Use other forms of exercise too
Don’t just stick with HIIT and then forget about other great options which can help you too. Besides weight training, keep active by walking regularly, using your bike to get around and integrating some relaxation into your regime. Yoga, pilates and meditation are all big contributors that lower stress and increase well-being.

Three: Be patient
Sometimes, weight loss takes a little while.
Our bodies need the time necessary to create a caloric deficit to begin the process of weight loss. Combining HIIT and intermittent fasting will bypass that time, but it’s not an overnight success.
So keep up your nutrition and exercise program long-term to see the best results.

Key take away
Both HIIT and intermittent fasting are wonderful options for weight loss. However, don’t forget that HIIT can also be very taxing on the body, and you must integrate rest days appropriately. Allow your body the time and space to recuperate so it’s ready to go at it again.

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