What is the fastest way to lose 5 kg weight?

Living in a fast paced world makes us want everything instantly, and without a second to lose. It amazes me how many people ask for the key to weight loss success. This can only be achieved with patience and a proper nutritional plan.

You can search for lotions and potions all over the internet. The end result will be less than desirable. I’m going to help you with a nutritional plan that I implement myself, and have been for years. Once you get the hang of it, the so called effort will become somewhat effortless. The key to weight loss is that you maintain it for life, based on how you want to look and feel. There is some effort needed to plan and prepare, and that in itself will provide you a healthy wellbeing as well as a slim body.

5 steps to lose 5kg fast

  1. Start with a reduction in carbs, increasing your veggie intake substantially. No carbs for 2 full weeks means no breads, potatoes, rice and oats. Stick with the veggies, mainly green, to eliminate wastes and promote the reduction of water from your body. We want your body to be able to tap into burning fat reserves, instead of the glycogen stores in your muscles. It’s not quite ketosis, but it’s close, without the huge food restriction.Once you complete two weeks of this, you should have started experiencing some fat loss, and your clothes should be a bit loose. You may begin adding some healthy carbs (like sweet potato, oats and basmati rice). I want you to do this for one day, twice a week. This is called carb cycling. You eat carbs from veggies only, most of the time, but 2 days per week you have a high carb meal.To explain this further, it will look a lot like this:
    Monday: Carbs from veggies only
    Tuesday: Carbs from veggies only
    Wednesday: High carb meal
    Thursday: Carbs from veggies only
    Friday: Carbs from veggies only
    Saturday: Carbs from veggies only
    Sunday: High carb meal

    Pick whatever days are suitable for you, but do not put 2 carb meals one day after the other. We want this to have minimal effect on your body composition. The carb meal allow you to re-feed and eliminate any cravings brought on by those non carb days. You can choose to do this regularly, or not use re-feed days at all. Once you lose those cravings, you may not feel like supplementing that high carb meal. The choice is entirely yours.

  2. Pick you veggies with each meal wisely. I highly recommend green veggies to become a predominant part of your meals. Think lettuce, kale, cabbage, broccoli, spinach, cauliflower and asparagus. These are very low in any carb rating, and will keep you feeling full for a lot longer than potatoes and pumpkin. Toss the with your olive oil, salt and vinegar.
  3. Protein & veggie sources must be high quality. Think organic, grass fed meats, and eggs produced from animals that eat their natural sources of food. You want to get the most beneficial vitamins and minerals from organic produce. This means that our body benefit more from the purity of these items. Think about visiting farmers market, which usually allows the farmers to directly travel from their farms and bring produce directly to the public, bypassing the large supermarkets. Here, you can speak to them about their produce, and you will find they do taste different to store bought items.
  4. Each meal you eat should contain a portion of protein, veggies and a source of fat. In order to speed up the fat loss, you will need to add protein to every meal, 2–3 cups of veggies and fats for your dressing. These meals will keep your hunger in check, and allow you the energy you need to power through your day, and fuel those intense workouts. It will also eliminate cravings, and the need to keep snacking. One of my favourite meals for breakfast is a source of protein (eggs for instance) and a large salad, drizzled with nuts, olive oil and apple cider vinegar. it’s refreshing, light and surprisingly filling. Try salmon or chicken in the morning, scrambled eggs and broccoli. Use your palm to portion out the correct size of your protein. Check out my website for a portion printable to have with you at all times. It’s very helpful for anyone watching their consumption intake.
  5. Don’t shy away from fats. Fats are very metabolically flexible, and allows you to burn more fat for energy. This is greatly enhanced because you are cutting your carb intake quite low. Fat is the replacement for your body to begin burning stored body fat. It’s the very process that makes Ketosis diets very popular. Although this is not a ketosis diet, it does provide similar benefits without the huge carb restrictions.
    Add olive oil to your veggies, cook with coconut oil for meats as it has a high smoking point and does not become rancid.Don’t forget that nuts are a great source of fat when going low carb. They provide you with plenty of fibre, vitamins and minerals. Snack on those during the day when hunger strikes. I prefer almonds and macadamias. Macadamias encourage strong growth of hair and nails in case you were interested!

This method above is a great way to lose weight fast, and keep it off without those dreadful cravings that seem to come on when on a restricted diet. Choose your high carb meals wisely, and make sure they still allow you to receive adequate nutrition without causing too much damage. You don’t want to undo all the hard work because of one meal.


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