What are some diet tips that make dieting psychologically easier?

There are no hard or fast rules in making dieting easier. The word ‘diet’ in itself, signifies many negative aspects for certain people. It reads deprivation, starvation, moodiness and a drain on your life and energy. No one really wants to diet do they? I know I certainly don’t like the negative connotations it brings up.

This whole diet thing means only eating a specific way for a certain amount of time. Therefore, you can suspect, that after dieting, we don’t have to watch what we put into our mouth. After this stage, we can assume that our old eating habits surface, and we are back where we started again.

Psychologically this is where people get it wrong.

What if we could simplify this into a very refined concept of eating well for life? When thinking about it in this new light, does it not minimise the pressure and negative aspects that dieting has brought upon the world?

In saying that, we now have a very different perspective of what a healthy lifestyle is, and how we can maintain a pretty dam fine physique as a result.

To help with this, I’ve put together some everyday tips that will set you on the right path in switching your current diet thoughts into more of a lifestyle habit. Remember, you can experience balance with this concept, and stay within the range of weight you feel comfortable at. It’s a matter adapting alternate strategies to fit into your lifestyle. We want to make this a seamless as possible.

5 life diet tips that wont mess with your head.

  1. Strength training. It’s fun, challenging and something you can do for life that increases your strength and body confidence. I absolutely love and recommend strength training to anyone that will listen! The effect it has on the mind and body cannot be mistaken. With weights alone, you can maintain a lean physique, increase your muscle mass and totally reshape your body. Multi joint exercises like the squat, deadlift, bench press, pull up and lunges, work so well in creating an all body workout. You could just get away with using those exercises for life! All you will need to do is add weight or minimise your rest periods to increase the fat burn even more. Of course, there are many other exercises to try out, but the ones mentioned below are simple, easy, and the equipment is available in most gyms. Fat loss with aerobic training is not as effective as weights, and your time will be used a lot more logically when you lift the weights.
  2. Eat mostly veggies with every meal, everything else next. Veggies provide the most nutrient value, and gives us the fiber we need to cut down our appetite. Therefore, eating less overall will have a positive effect on our body. Veggies also eliminate cravings, and keep us going well into our next meal. Make this the staple and key component of your meal, followed by protein, fast and carbs, You can cook your veggies, bake or eat them raw. The choice is yours. Do what feels easiest for you, and make it a habit to have salad or veggies with every single meal of the day.
  3. Be as active as you can in daily life to increase your metabolism and lose fat. I don’t have to preach how bad sitting down for prolonged periods of time is on your health. Not to mention your metabolism and joints! Even a few hours of inactivity lowers your bodies glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity. This can put you at risk of diabetes. Regular walks during the day really help combat this, even walking to and from work as well as on your lunch break. Take every opportunity to walk further and eliminate the use of cars and taxis as much as you can. One good method is to walk for 10–25 minutes after you consume a meal. This will aid in balancing insulin, as well as helping you with digestion.
  4. Use HIIT for fat burning regularly. This also includes circuit training, using your maximal effort for a certain amount of time, and then resting. You can also use a treadmill, stair climber or elliptical machine. The trick is having highly intense bursts of all out effort, followed by a recovery period. Rest and repeat this for 20–30 minutes. Any longer will have a negative effect and cause a rise in cortisol levels.
  5. Obsession is a real downer. Take your time and don’t stress. A key component of all of these tips, is to really try hard not to obsess about how long is taking, and how hard everything is. You have to put in the effort overtime, we all do. Some days it’s hard, others it’s really simple. That’s just how it is. Don’t beat yourself up for eating something you shouldn’t. Just get back onto your healthy eating plan and push on. Life happens, so just role with it and you will have a much happier and positive outlook on real life eating.

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