People who have lost weight, how did you stay committed?

Commitment is my favourite word! It separates the ‘should do this’ from the ‘this is mine for the taking.’ It takes a lot of guts to really go out there and achieve the thing it is you want. Most of the time, we haven’t got a clue how to go about it. In order for anything to begin setting the wheels of action in motion we must;-

Make a decision that this is what we want, and we won’t stop until it’s ours!

There are a few driving factors for this statement to have some meatiness and drive. We must get to the core of our Why.

Why do we want to lose weight?

Why is it important for us?

What is your main purpose for achieving this goal? Once you work this out, then you can get to the how’s (how am I going to achieve this) and the what’s (what’s involved in achieving this).

There has to be an inner longing, a desire and an unshakable reason why you want to achieve this goal. If there isn’t, when the going get’s tough, you will find yourself reverting back to your old habits. You give up, proclaiming it doesn’t work for you.

Let me give you an example. For a very long time, I was dieting and training to get ready for figure shows. Now, anyone that has done this can tell you wholeheartedly, that the comp diet is not exactly for the faint hearted. You really have to put your heart, soul and mouth into it! There are days you feel weak from food cravings, tired from training with no carbs of any sort, longing to swim in a sea of chocolate because you’ve gone months without a cheat meal.. I could go on for many paragraphs describing the sheer mind fuck that goes on during this time.

Dieting to get to a single digit body fat (as a female) is not an easy task. In fact, it takes an iron will and discipline of steel to get through every day. I failed, I succeeded and I failed again. This is just the name of the game in anything we set to achieve.

What was my why? Well, I wanted to show my self, and other women, that we can basically turn our life, health and body around with proper exercise, diet and the goal to make a difference. I could not let my fellow women down, those people that believed in me, my trainer who worked so hard to help me get comp ready, and of course me. Because I’m competitive by nature, and I play to win and achieve my goals. No matter how long it takes, no matter how many set backs I face.

Why is this easy for someone like me? Well, when you have auto immune issues plaguing you since childhood, you have the motivation to be well, to experience a life that’s filled with energy, positivity and happiness. Illness doesn’t give you a chance to experience this.

It also helps when you absolutely love and breath fitness, and are passionate to bring the endless benefits to others through your personality, your inner drive and experiences.

What is it that you want to experiences out of this journey? Who could you inspire, and what good can you bring to others from staying the course, and achieving your goal?

When we make the goal bigger than ourselves, by wanting to give back to others. it magnifies our commitment 100 fold. That means, when the going get’s tough, we get tougher, and defeat is never an option.

Sit down with a pen and paper and really think about why you want this, what will happen as a results of achieving this, and what is the highest motivator for attaining this goal. Write it all down until there is nothing left. Find the key motivator, make a wall-paper on every device you have and look at it every day. It must ignite the fire within you. Here are some to get you started:-

• Everything is figuroutable (my fave – thanks Marie Forleo)

• Excellence is a habit

• Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

• Making excuses burns zero calories per hour

• I believe in me

• We begin now to make a new ending

• Just do it

Pick and choose something that helps you, and repeat it, think about your goal, how will you look. Make it as visual and enticing as you can.

Remember, that anything worth your time and effort is never easy, and the person you become as you travel to that destination is priceless. Commit, keep going and kill it!

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