Is it true that when you go running, you start burning fat after 30 minutes?

Is your goal to burn body fat as frequently as possible? If this is the case, your activity doesn’t have a lot to do with it if your hormones are not working effectively. What do I mean by this? The fact is that our bodies are either great at storing or burning fat stores. Based on the conditioning of our diet for years, and over time, our bodies natural processes for fat burning to begin to derail. If you are fortunate enough to have had a long-term positive relationship with food, then you may not experience a shift in weight gain, especially as you age. For most of us, we tend to start shifting towards fat gain, and that can mainly appear on the belly. Genetics also play a significant role in fat burning. Women tend to burn more carbs at rest, whereas men burn more fat during exercise. In one review of fat burning, scientists wrote that 66 per cent of the variance (In the use of fat versus carbs for energy) could not be accounted for – some could be accounted for diet, but the rest is most likely to be genetically determined.If you want a better chance at manipulating your fat-burning potential – diet is your first point of call. Try intermittent fasting every single day, and adopt a low carb, higher fat diet (roughly 70 per cent fat and 20 per cent carbs). You can do this in the form of carb cycling, which works exceptionally well if you are an avid runner. Just be aware that the fat burning can stall if you increase your carbohydrate rate.What you have mentioned above is a proven fact. You usually get into the fat-burning mode between 30–60 minutes into exercising aerobically. If you are lucky, you may experience some afterburn, but that depends on the intensity of the exercise. If you partake in HIIT, you have a more significant change of burning more body fat, as well as having the powerful potential of extending the fat-burning beyond your workout. Don’t be fixated too much on this number, because after a while, the body does get used to the type of aerobic exercise you have to do, and your chances of burning calories will diminish, and you will have to work harder. The most effective way to lose body fat long term is first through diet, and then you should look into HIIT and weight training. These are, by far, the best forms of exercise for your goals.

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