How many times do you need to go to the gym lose weight?

You are probably going to love this answer…

There is really no need to go to the gym to loser weight. When it comes to weight loss results, 80% of the magic happens within the kitchen. The small 10% (although still significant) happens with activity levels. It’s not essential to train within a gym. You could train outdoors, or even just walk as exercise.

If on the other hand, you want to change the shape of your physique, build muscle mass and really tap into those fat reserves that are driving you mad.. the gym is therefore essential for you.

Our goals are dependent on what will make us happy, and what we want to achieve. Maybe for you it’s sustainable to rely on just food to create the best body composition. For others, they would like muscle mass, to get just that little bit leaner, or would like to build strength and flexibility. We can pick and choose according to our lifestyle.

The decision then is ultimately what you make of it. I cannot tell you what you should do, but I will get into the benefits of using the gym and nutrition to expand your current goal scope. I’ll make it really simple and easy.

5 easy and effective weight loss steps

  1. Eat natural food. No more processed and supermarket self foods. This includes biscuits and cakes, even when you think they are healthy protein balls, most likely they are not! Opt for food that derived from frees or out of the ground. The more naturally grown the food is, the better it is for your and your family.
  2. Gut health is of importance. The microflora that lives In our gut, plays huge roll in your natural body composition, as well as your long term health. Support your gut by infusing it with pre-biotics as well as pro-biotics. These include green veggies, sauerkraut, root tubers, nuts and berries and fibre. Please feel free to try gutright, as it’s a very popular gut cleansing strategy I’ve every used!
  3. Protein with every meal. This includes read meats, fish, poultry and eggs. Protein increases your rate of satiety, as well as creating an environment to increase muscle mass and stop you from losing it. Also, remember that protein taxes the digestive system, meaning it requires ore energy from you to digest the food. This causes a thermal effect.
  4. Give grains the flick. Stick to veggies, and don’t go near loaves of bread, pastries of biscuits. Highly processed grains are very easy to overeat, and are filled with sugars and there for, make it really easy for them to eat. Always pick the healthier option, and you can never go wrong.
  5. Opt for organic whenever possible . Organic foods tend to have a higher nutritional content. They also help you in the fight to avoid pesticides, estrogen activity and the accumulation of belly fat. Hormones can be detrimental to your body composition. Do ensure that you drink plenty of water on an hourly basis.

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