How long have you tried to lose weight until it finally worked?

I’ve always thought that my efforts for weight loss take more than the rest of the general population. We all believe our progress takes a lot longer than anyone else. The truth is that everyone’s body adapts to caloric increases and decreases in different ways.

Having some idea of how energy is stored in the body will give you a better idea of how to improve your fat loss results. As I always highlight in many of my blog posts time and time again, you can never out-train a bad diet. You can do all the exercise in the world, but if you want to be lean, muscular and healthy, you MUST put a higher emphasis on your food intake than anything else.

4 key factors in energy storage for the body.

  1. Caloric storage – The body provides roughly 30,000–100,000 calories in normal-weight people. This is dependant on how much body fat you have. If this is what normal people range from then you can imagine what the obese persons caloric storage is. Therefore, our bodies actually have a higher amount of storage energy than we probably think.
  2. Muscle glycogen – provides 1.400–2,000 calories for 350–500 grams of glycogen, which is enough for 90 minutes of endurance exercise. Glycogen is stored in the muscle cell and used by those cells for energy.
  3. Liver glycogen – This provides 400 calories or 100g rams of glycogen. It can be turned into glucose and used by the rest of the body, such as the brain and blood cells.
  4. Muscle tissue – this is made of amino acids and can be broken down to produce glucose. This is the stage where a lot of people get into trouble when dieting. We want to keep and build up our muscle because without enough this leads to loss of lean mass and an increase in fat storage.

You can gather from the information above, that we have quite an ample amount of energy storage, and our bodies use each stage of tapping into this energy, depending on what activity we are doing.

3 training protocols for faster fat loss

  1. Weight training. Although this is not a high-calorie burner, after each set, energy use rises significantly. After a strength training workout, energy use is elevated for up to 24 hours above the baseline, which increases the fat burn potential. Don’t forget that when you lift the weight, especially beyond your current capability, you destroy. muscle and it takes energy to repair and become stronger than it was. This takes a lot of energy, and so does the art of lifting or pushing heavy poundages. Muscle mass is your best friend if you want to develop lean muscle mass.
  2. Sprint training. Both sprint and circuit type training with short or barely any rest periods between sets have a profound effect on the post-workout caloric burn, and the use of your stored fat for energy. Because of the short burst of high-intensity exertion needed for these exercise modes, the body has to rapidly find the fuel source. This also leads to a larger post-exercise energy burn and forces your metabolism to exercise flexibility when burning calories.
  3. Low impact exercise. Many people dismiss the power of low impact exercise, such as walking or incidental activity. This in and of itself is a wonderful way to increase your caloric burn whilst outside of a gym setting, and also aid in exercise recovery. Sometimes when lifting weights, we can become sore and lethargic. Walking is an easy way to counter-effect the uncomfortable effects of delayed onset muscle soreness. Low impact exercise also helps to relieve stress & anxiety.

Now, if you put all these together with a proper dietary plan, the weight loss in and of itself will become a lot faster and less frustrating. Although there is no substitute for impeccable diet, we must also consider the huge role that exercise has to help push our results along and make it somewhat easier for us. On a personal note, it can take me anywhere from 3–6 months to lose weight doing all the right things. Sometimes it takes a lot longer and we just have to ride the tide and keep going.

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