Eat These Three Simple Foods Daily For A Flatter Stomach

Plate of sweet potato ghocchi

It can be this simple and uncomplicated!

Usually, when we think about having a flat stomach, starvation may come to mind immediately!
The problem is that this outdated concept never worked well long term.
Of course, caloric intake has a profound effect, but this doesn’t necessarily mean eating less.
Instead, eat the right foods that help promote satiety, boost your metabolism and keep you energetic enough to keep up — or surpass your current activity levels.
Putting these three foods on your plate daily ticks all the boxes regarding their nutritional value, helps you shed body weight and fat, and keeps your energy levels stable.
They are great additional sources that make a huge difference in daily life.
Don’t also forget to add your fruits, vegetables and protein. These three options are best paired with whole food sources for an impactful fat loss outcome.
These nutrients are just as important.

One: Eat sweet potatoes regularly

You might be surprised that starches have been added to attain a flat belly.
Don’t be, because sweet potato has the power to help you feel fuller for longer due to its high-fibre nature.
Sweet potato is also high in water; therefore, this aids in keeping you hydrated as well as optimally satisfied.
Compounds in sweet potato help to control blood sugar, and boiling them makes them quite low on the glycemic index rating.
Sweet potatoes also contain carotenoids which might help lower your risk of cancer.
Also, try purple sweet potatoes occasionally, as they have anthocyanin, which helps lower your risk of colorectal cancer.

Two: Eating more eggs per week

Eggs don’t need a lot of selling on my part.
We all have a very rough idea of how nutritionally powerful eggs are.
Eggs are not only high in protein, vitamins, and minerals, but they also help to increase your feelings of fullness.
High-thermic foods like eggs play a high part in helping to keep your belly flat and weight loss on track.
Boosting metabolism is one of the by-products of thermic foods. In addition, you’re burning calories through digestion.
If you weight train, have an egg as a post-workout food. It will greatly enhance muscle protein synthesis and quench any oncoming hunger pangs. If you did that after a heavy-loaded workout, imagine all the nutrient value you’re attaining, and the fat loss potential eggs bring.

Three: Oats

Why subject your oats to breakfast only when they provide a great snack to quench your need for snacks during the day?
Oats are wonderful as they have a lot of nutrients and fibre and are whole grains.
They have been added to the list because of their high satiety, which helps to prevent overeating.
Whole grains are key to stabilising your blood sugar levels, preventing spikes and dips, which can increase weight gain by making us much more susceptible to snacking mindlessly!
Usually, the 3 pm slump is one of the major causes of snacking. However, slumps can be easily bypassed with proper daily nutritional habits.
How do you make your oats belly flab friendly?
Don’t add sugar-filled granola or sugary toppings to your oats! Instead, why not add cinnamon, shredded nuts, coconut and berries?
I also like to cook my oats with protein powder to benefit from all its wonderful nutrients. Add a small drizzle of honey if this isn’t sweet enough for your liking (or stevia).
Don’t like sweet, then go savoury.
Combine shredded oats with eggs to make pancakes or savoury oat patties. Eat alongside fresh tomatoes, eggs, mushrooms, and spinach with a dash of herbs and a drizzle of olive oil.

Key take away

Sweet potatoes, eggs, and oats are all budget-friendly foods that can be easily incorporated into various meals. Adding spices and seasonings, such as cinnamon to sweet potatoes or nutritional yeast to eggs, can help enhance their flavour and make them even more enjoyable.

Blending oats to make a wrap is also a great idea, as it provides a nutritious and tasty alternative to traditional wheat-based wraps. These simple additions can help make healthy eating more accessible and delicious.

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