A Really Simple Diet Strategy for Fat Loss Success & Preventing Breast Cancer

A Really Simple Diet Strategy for Fat Loss Success & Preventing Breast Cancer

A Really Simple Diet Strategy for Fat Loss Success & Preventing Breast Cancer

We have all tried and failed with many diets during our lifetime. Most people seem to jump on the new fad that’s suddenly on our social media feed and promises the earth — yet takes your cash and doesn’t deliver much but disappointment. It’s not hard to suddenly feel that you are doomed to fail at dieting, thinking that motivation or commitment plays the most significant part of the success equation. It does, but there is also a lot more happening that you probably aren’t aware of. We all need to know that hormones play a HUGE part in our weight loss success and failure — namely insulin. I wish that someone had mentioned this to me years ago. Without a balance of the necessary fat-burning hormones — all your efforts will fall by the wayside. Wasted money, dreams and hopes for attaining your dream body follow. It’s also essential to consider dieting a lifestyle plan for good health. For example, there is no sense in taking endless supplements to lose weight whilst your liver begins to suffer. Weight loss should encompass a holistic approach that’s good for our health and the planet. Researchers at the Genesis prevention centre in South Manchester, England, found that restricting carb intake twice per week may be better and more sustainable than restricting calories. This method has a follow-on effect in preventing breast cancer and other diseases. However, further studies are required to expand on this theory. Weight loss and reduced insulin levels play a crucial part in our health — including lowering our risk of breast cancer. But these are very difficult to achieve long-term with caloric restriction alone. Hands up anyone that has failed on caloric restricted nutritional plans? I know I have! Michelle Harvie, PhD, SRD, and her colleagues wanted to compare three diets for four months for their effects on weight loss, blood markers and breast cancer risk. One hundred fifteen women did this research have a family history of breast cancer.Participants were randomised with different diets, and these were the critical three:

  • Caloric restricted low carb diet (two days per week)
  • Low carb diet two days per week (unlimited amounts of healthy fat and protein)
  • Mediterranean diet(seven days per week)

Upon collating the data, researchers uncovered something that may be of interest to anyone dieting:

  • Two days of low-carb dieting with caloric restriction were superior to the standard Mediterranean diets regarding reducing weight, and body fat was roughly 4kg.
  • Results show a reduction of insulin resistance by 22 per cent.

So from this evidence, you can rely upon carb cycling to reduce your weight and insulin control faster. This is an excellent strategy to increase your muscle size and stay lean. You might also find this interesting: The group on a low carb and low caloric diet ate as much protein and fat as possible. That strategy would help seal a dieter’s appetite more than your standard nutritional plan. Plus, it’s only two days a week, instead of every day. So, if you are struggling to lose weight and suffer from a heightened appetite — try this diet and see what difference it makes to your overall outcome. 

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