Six reasons why fasting is so effective at eliminating belly fat

Losing any belly fat takes time and effort, as well as sticking to the changes for life, to maintain them. There is no quick fix, or miracle drug or cream. I can only provide you with information regarding belly fat loss that has worked for me, and many others. This is by no means a fast track towards success, but it’s most certainly your best bet, given the short timeframe.
The most effective belly fat loss lifestyle adaptation is intermittent fasting. Let me get into the fundamentals of fasting here, and more material can be viewed on my blog as well.

Six reasons why fasting is so effective at eliminating belly fat

  1. It doesn’t restrict certain foods. Whilst I urge you to eat as well as you can, to get the best results possible, it’s not necessary to watch everything you eat daily. Fasting aims to focus on when you should and should not be eating food. Prolonged fasting stabilises insulin, allowing your body to have a chance at burning its fat reserves. The longer you carry on with the fasting, the more you will be able to tap into fat resources for your energy source.
  2. You can use sleep as part of your fasting time. To avoid a lot of the hunger pangs, you may experience during the day, opt to spend the larger portion of your fasting time when you are asleep. This works if you break, you’re fast early in the morning, or lunchtime. It’s a great way to stretch it out a lot more, especially when you advance towards longer timeframes, such as 20+ hours.
  3. It’s easy to move up in the fasting ranks. Once you start fasting, begin small. Twelve hours is very achievable. Then as you progress, add 1–2 hours towards your time and stretch yourself. Give yourself a couple of weeks to get used to this way of life, and within three weeks, it will become a lot easier. Then, you can set a high goal for 24–36 hours. This is not necessary, but it’s great to see what results you can get from this alone.
  4. It’s a potent fat loss tool. Studies show that IF reduces visceral fat (belly fat) by 4–7 per cent over a 6 to 24 week period. This is your most realistic timeframe, but you will be able to see results within a week or so of fasting continuously. Remember, that although this does not restrict certain foods, it’s in your best interest to consume whole foods with every meal, and say no to refined sugars and carbs.
  5. You are allowing your digestion to recuperate. Fasting has proven to help with digestive issues and aid in eliminating belly fat. This, coupled probiotics & more soluble fibre in the diet, make it an excellent environment for dispelling harmful bacteria and re-colonising the good guys once and for all. The result is a greater variety of gut bacteria have a lower risk of belly fat.
  6. Eat protein during meal times helps you sustain hunger during fasting. Protein will help keep you full for longer periods, helping you keep those hunger pangs at bay, especially when you are fasting. It’s important to always fill up on protein and vegetables, limiting carbohydrates. Aim only to eat carbohydrates when you train, and go easy on them when you are not. Save all your appetite for protein and veggies to help eliminate belly fat, and encourage effective cleansing when you are fasting.


  • Luis Mujica , 16/11/2020

    Hi, I am a 65 year old man. I am very active. I just can’t get rid of belly fat. I can do Fasting, I just don’t know how long and what time of the day or night I should do it. I My height is 5′.4″ , and weight 156 lbs. Can you help me?

    • Ange , 04/12/2020

      Hello Luis,

      Yes, I can most definitely help you. It does take a bit of time and experimentation on the nutritional front. I encourage you to take part in my 4-week training and nutrition program. I can also assist you with fasting as well. Fasting, coupled with some other key points, will help you achieve your goals. Please let me know and we can chat further.

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