How can I lose weight quickly?

There is a basic way to do a lot of things, it’s only a matter of discovering what that thing is and trying if for yourself. Weight loss does not have to be that complicated, but because there are so many methods around, and we become overloaded with information, it’s easy to become lead by one idea or another.

When it comes to weight loss, the basics still apply regarding key hormones and also consumption of certain foods, as well as physical activity.

If you want to take the least stressful approach, not have to monitor your food constantly, weighing and measuring then please move to Intermittent fasting.

5 benefits of intermittent fasting.

  1. Faster fat loss. Because you cease to eat for certain periods of time constantly, your body is forced to use fat stores for energy on a very regular basis. This leads to fat loss a lot faster than traditional diets, as well as with less side effects (such as lethargy, constant hunger and moodiness). It’s definitely more effective than caloric restriction.
  2. Lowers your insulin. Your blood levels of insulin drip drastically, and this is the key feature of IF’s magnificent results driven approach. Fat loss is a hormonal issue in almost all of us, and allowing our body to become more metabolically flexible, is greatly increased on a fasting plan than any other.
  3. Increases muscle mass. Increases in human growth hormone increase by 5 fold when fasting. The higher levels of this hormone facilitate fat burning and muscle gain, as well as many other benefits for your body. If you work your way up to 20+ hours of fasting, you will benefit from HGH increases a lot more. Do slowly implement this strategy a couple of times a week
  4. Increases your longevity. Fasting induces important cellular repair, such as removing waste material from cells, and changing gene expressions and molecules related to longevity. This is also a powerful fighter against disease.
  5. Reduces inflammation in the body. Oxidative stress is a key step towards ageing and chronic disease. Our bodies are constantly fighting free radicals and fasting helps our bodies resist this oxidative stress. Fasting also helps fight inflammation, which is a common characteristic of many diseases.

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