What is the best way to get lean for muscle tone?

There are several different methods you can use at your disposal, to develop strength, muscle tone, as well as leaning out. What you want is to produce a large after-burn, so you are burning calories during the day, at a higher rate. Building muscle will also allow you to increase your metabolism immensely, increasing your energy expenditure even more. We want to preserve muscle as we train.

Monitoring your diet is also a key component. You want to get the best results possible, and food will allow you to do this. Don’t make the mistake of overcompensating on the food due to extreme hunger. Think carefully about the quality of food you will be eating.

Here goes:

6 training methods that burn fat and increase muscular growth

  1. Intensified strength training. This is what I call tough, but effective. Pick 4–5 different exercises and train them consecutively, no rest in between. Do these with a moderate temp, resting only after the last exercise, and should be no longer than 120 seconds. Here is an example of a leg intense I’d create:-
    A1. Leg extension
    A2. Squats elevated heels
    A3. Leg press
    A4. Calf raises
    A5. Lunges
    These are so effective because of the bodies lactate buildup. increased caloric use from the heavy oxygen demands, coupled with the ultimate body fat burning.
  2. Manipulating your training methods. In order to get the benefits of exercise post oxygen consumption (which means the caloric burn you receive after your high intensity workout) In order to elevate this variable and receive a better metabolic response, I urge to strategies the following components within your workout.
    – Shorter rest periods (20–30 seconds)
    – Extended tempo (4 second eccentric, 1 second concentric)
    – Greater volume. Throw in high volume workouts.
  3. When it comes to cardio, sprints are king. Sprints are great for shedding body fat and improving your health. Because sprints are very intense, you only need 20–30 minute period in order to experience maximum results. That literally halves your workout time, and also gives you a post exercise fat burn due to the intensity. When you put in an all out effort, growth hormone is activated (which is critical to fat loss). Opt for challenging yourself on this method, rather than steady state cardio.
  4. Forced reps (my favourite). This method works a treat because it recruits a lot more motor units that lead to greater metabolic stress. Try this out: Get a heavier than normal weight and perform forced reps for the amount you have allocated. This will stop you from having to do any extra repetitions. If you need assistance, get a friend to do this with you and help one another. By doing this, you will break through strength plateaus, increase metabolic stress and the wonderful build up of lactic acid.
  5. Drop sets. This will fatigue a larger quality of motor units, and produce muscle failure. A high intensity set, followed straight away by the same exercise, but at a lower intensity, will become especially effective for you. That means metabolic stress, and will increase your DOMS somewhat! Get ready for it.
  6. Try out cluster sets. This is great for strength, hypertrophy and increased power ,whilst improving your technique. If this is what you are looking for, go ahead and implement this strategy. Say you want to focus on deadlifts. You pick a weight you can lift for 10 reps, and rest for 120 seconds after each rep. Then begin again. It’s important to note that when technique fails, you can choose to stop or decrease the weight. Here we are primarily focusing on technique and this has been tried and tested by Olympic lifters.

There are so many techniques that will get you to the point of building muscle and getting lean at the same time. These methods above can be used in conjunction with your workout, to provide an instant breakthrough if you are suffering from a strength, fat burning or hypertrophy plateau. Remember, in order to progress, we must alter our workouts regularly.

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