The 3 simple secret tips for long term weight loss

Weight training long term is one of my weight loss tricks (and I’m sure many other peoples hack as well!)

I have a couple of tricks, which will help anyone who becomes dedicated and consistent with them. These are not short term strategies; instead, they need to be considered long term. In that way, you won’t have to worry about gaining and losing weight. Going back and forth is a waste of time and energy. Spend it on doing meaningful things.

Here is what works for me, and I’m sure you will experience success as well.

  1. Eating less animal protein. I found that this worked wonders for me. Unfortunately, even though meats may be ‘organic’, you don’t, and won’t know how misleading this is. The animal could have been fed grains and soy for all you know. When I ultimately stopped poultry, red meats and pork or stuffed with antibiotics. Now I experienced less gut and stomach upsets, and my inflammation markers decreased. I was no longer experiencing joint pain and structural imbalances on my hips. This was a HUGE breakthrough for me, as I train very heavy and hard with weights, and the issues with my hips prohibited me from squatting and deadlifting large amounts. Not anymore! If only the chiropractors of today could work this one critical issue out (but I guess that keeps them rich right?)! Contaminated meats can cause inflammation. If anyone who reads this experiences similar problems, please eliminate poultry and red meat from your diet for 40 days. See if it makes a difference to your joint inflammation. In terms of weight loss, my abdominal fat decreased, and I lost body fat. When your body is constantly inflamed, you tend to increase belly fat. That was the first place it left when I gave meat the boot!
  2. Intermittent fasting. This works well for people who have a lot of body fat and weight to lose. Now, for others like myself, who have those problem areas, this can be good for you as well! Alternating feeding windows allows you to practice self-discipline and gives your body time to regenerate and heal. This one technique increases your growth hormone, which is the key to longevity and getting the upper hand on ageing. Yes, it can make you younger physically and internally. For those who weight train, it increases strength and hypertrophy. Overall, intermittent fasting is for anyone. Those that want to lose large amounts, and small amounts of body fat, people who want to put on muscle, and those who want to heal their bodies, or look younger than what they are.
  3. Weight training. I do go on and on about weight training. It’s no surprise that this is the mightiest of techniques when it comes to weight loss and leading a healthy life. Strengthening your body means you also increase your inner wellbeing and reshape the outer shell. Weights burn body fat at a faster rate than steady-state cardio. Building muscle makes you a metabolic energy chewing machine! I don’t know a better feeling than one where you have conquered the voice inside your head that says you can’t do it. Well, it can be, and it will! We learn this in the gym when we abolish our lifting limitations.
  4. Eating more vegetables. The key to weight loss is making sure you feel full and satisfied with every meal. This is much more likely when you add fibrous veggies into each meal you consume. Fill your plate with broccoli, spinach, kale or cauliflower. Add a big salad, dress it with olive oil and your protein sources. It helps you to stay full, satisfied and have a constant source of energy during the day. Do this religiously, and watch your body shape change, your health and longevity increase!

Sorry for the longer list than you required. I believe that the little things make a difference long term. The above are easy and manageable solutions for long term success. Good luck with it all.

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