If you had to list 4 exercises everyone should perform daily, which would you list?

Walking is the best form of low impact exercise to utilise daily. The option to stroll in a beautiful grass field, flowers with endless skyline views is a better option!

Let us perform some form of activity daily, not necessarily one that is very intense and requires somewhat of a recovery. I highly recommend active recovery exercise as frequently as possible. Then I would also encourage the most beneficial lifts for weekly usage into your strength training routine.


Exercise 1 to perform daily without fail

– the low impact component

Walking. This would have to be low impact walking. I recommend this daily because it’s easy, relaxes your body and allows you to focus on the beautiful surroundings all around. It provides the added benefit of increasing your heart rate and burns calories too. Increase your pace for more of an impact. After strength training, walking releases any tension and can eliminate the build-up of byproducts within the muscles. Walking is accessible on the joints, therefore, beneficial for any age group. If recovering from an injury, walking can provide the means for rehabilitation and allowing your body to become accustomed to activity again.


Exercise 2 everyone should perform daily.

– the mental component

Meditation. There are so many benefits to daily meditation. It relieves stress, boosts immunity, creates inner calm and focus, increases more activity in the brain, relieves chronic pain and blood pressure. May workplaces encourage the art of meditation regularly for stress relief, boosting morale and creativity. We always promote our bodies’ movement to increase their strength and overall health, yet we don’t pay a lot of attention to the mental component, which is constantly under duress. It’s essential to calm the storm in our mind for a better life, more peace and less cortisol hanging around in our bodies, messing with the gains & fat loss we want.


Exercise 3 everyone should perform daily.

– Increasing your range of movement.

Stretching. As I train in the gym daily, I’m yet to see anyone but myself stretching after a workout. Stretching after activity reduces sore muscles and the stiffness that comes with the impact of exercises performed. It also increases blood flow to the inflamed muscles, aiding in their recovery. But the best thing about consciously making time to stretch is that it increases your range of motion around a series of joints. Increased joint flexibility means that you will perform a movement (e.g. squat) with the proper range of motion (it’s arse to grass, as they say), which means you will get better results. Take the time to stretch after a workout to increase your range of motion and prevent injury over time.


Exercise 4 everyone should perform daily

– Relieving tired and sore muscular aches and pains.

Massage. I know it’s not an exercise (it may be when your family members ask!), but massage is key to relieving sore, aching muscular pain from training. Using essential oils in the mix has an added therapeutic effect that induces relaxation, calmness and increased clarity; I use peppermint, lavender and geranium. Sometimes I will add a mixture of a few things to mix it up. Always use a base of almond oil, add your essential oils and massage onto sore shoulders. You will feel instantly relieved by the aroma of these scents. There is power in these beautiful oils. For extra sore muscles, heat a wheat pack and place it directly onto the force after the oils have been applied. Feel the almost instant relief.

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