Here’s The Perfect Exercise To Gain Emotional & Psychological Benefits

Mental and emotional health is more important than ever

Over the past couple of years, the endless lockdowns have seen us subjected to training within our homes — confined daily without a chance to venture outside. It’s extremely tough for people like us, that are active and use exercise as part of the stress and anxiety relief. Due to lack of exercise, we start to lose touch with those beautiful “feel-good hormones” produced due to the activity. It can become a big blow to your mood, state of mind and health. I have used exercise for years to better health, reduce stress, relieve anxiety, and make me confident enough to take on the world. I think a lot better emotionally, physically, and mentally when I exercise. These results showcase my daily attitude, my higher energy levels, and a positive outlook — whatever the current situation. When gyms shut down, I regularly took a long walk in a local park. During wintertime, it was freezing — but the icy cold, crisp air, my meditation prompts on iTunes, and deep breathing allowed me to calm and centre my mind. During that period, I was not in the right place at all. I had lost my job, and I was anxious about when I would get another one and how we would pay the bills. My exercise consisted of this almost every morning, which allowed me to clear my mind and become more focused on the outcome I wanted. I focused hard on asking the universe for what I wanted, and slowly, my state of mind became calm and collected every day. I saw the good in every moment, even when I faced a challenge. During this time, I was fascinated that nature, walking and listening to positive speakers and meditation seemed to lift me higher than I ever was. I recommend anyone suffering from stress and anxiety, who is also in a rough spot, takes themselves into the stillness of nature and continually listens to re-enforcing positive words that make them feel good. We all need repetition to start thinking and saying these positive words to ourselves. Exercise can do a lot for everyone. I also believe that exercise helps the mind prepare for the day ahead. I would never rush into my workout after being asleep just 30 minutes ago. I need time, space and some activity to get things moving. Exercise is a perfect way to move the body, increase blood flow and begin to bring those creative juices out of from under the warm doona. When I lift weights regularly, I love seeing my body shape and strength change. Consequences are a big motivator for me. They increase my inner confidence and help me believe that I too can lift a particular weight or perform a specific exercise, which was impossible for me a few months ago. 

I LOVE seeing the progressions in strength.

As you build your outer strength, you also increase your inner power of self-belief and self-reliance. I don’t have a trainer, and although I am one, I can motivate myself to push that little bit further, so I make sure all my self-talk is highly positive, encouraging and drives me to churn out that extra rep or set. I believe we can do much more than what we are doing now when it comes to exercise. As the year’s progress, you will slowly realise just how far you’ve come from day one. Transformations are the most rewarding part of life. But, as they say, it’s not about your destination (because fitness and strength) are a constant, ever-evolving journey — one that you grow to love and becomes part of your life. Whatever exercise does for you, keep at it, keep working hard and permit yourself to be proud of what you’ve done for your health, body and mind. You and I have a long way to go yet — keep moving. If you would like to read more articles like this or start writing your own, please sign up via my link. I’d love to see you on the other side. Sign up here for your medium subscription

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