Top six 30 day fat-blasting protocols

Fat in the abdominal area is one of the most frustrating and talked about the subject. It leaves most of us feeling too self couscous and develop negative associations with our bodies.

The central fat we are talking about here is visceral and is usually located behind the abdominal wall, surrounded by organs. The fat causes inflammation to the organs, because of the types of substances it releases. This amounts to inhibiting your bodies ability to burn fat. Therefore, more triglycerides get into the bloodstream.

With insulin sensitivity decreasing, hypertension and elevated triglycerides can result in even higher LDL cholesterol. This can and most likely will lead towards the onset of diabetes.

When it comes to men, higher levels of visceral fat means lower testosterone levels, making it even harder to put on muscle. The health aspects filter into decreased bone density and susceptibility to diabetes.

For us women, we tend to put more fat on our thigh area (which is as hard to get rid of for us, as belly fat is for men!). But we too are susceptible to the dreaded belly fat syndrome! Both sexes can combat belly fat in the same ways. Here are some ways in which you can burn belly fat faster.

6 top range 30-day fat-blasting protocols

  1. Build your muscle mass – men and woman apply.
    More muscles mean an elevated metabolism which will support a better hormonal and biochemical environment. This will begin to lower your fat stores slowly and decrease the risks of disease. Effective weight training programs also protect our long term from accumulating more fat stores. The general rule is to weight train 3–4 times per week, for no more than one hour per session. Pivoting between strength and hypertrophy is best, as well as exercising patience with the process, as it does take time!
  2. HIIT training – burning stubborn fat stores. HIIT is excellent at burning fat stores whilst retaining that precious metabolically active tissue! When you build muscles, you release human growth hormone, that elevates testosterone levels. For women, it’s one of the most effective means for eliminating fat accumulation around the thigh, butt and hip area. Your aim for fat loss should be 2–3 times per week, for 20 to 30 minutes only. Doing any more than this will increase your levels of cortisol, inducing stress on the nervous system and making you susceptible to weight gain. Be mindful of this when you decide to do one hour of HIIT.
  3. Eat high-quality protein with every meal. Protein should be your most prized component when it comes to fat loss, building and maintaining muscle mass. It also boosts your metabolism and is an as slow releaser of energy throughout the day, diminishing cravings, keeping energy and mood levels stable. Try and eat a lot of eggs, chicken, fish and turkey as they are the lowest in calories. Reserve the protein shakes in emergencies only, and always opt for eating whole food first.
  4. Eat good fat. Fat is essential in your plight to lose belly fat. I’m talking about the suitable quality type, such as cold-pressed olive oil, nuts, avocado, coconut oil and omega 3 rich salmon. These foods help to elevate your metabolism, aiding in burning fat stores, as well as reducing belly fat. Cold-pressed olive oil is one of the best forms of oil, that’s best in salads. Do not be afraid of using it on vegetables as well.
  5. Have enough fibre. The wonderful thing about fibre is it makes you full for longer periods, eliminates cravings, and is quite low in calories. Think of your green vegetables, like kale, spinach, cabbage and even cauliflower. You need to aim for about 25 grams per day, and even think about supplementation. Fibre is also great at helping you balance your insulin levels.
  6. Drink lots of water every day, even when you don’t want to. Keeping hydrated on a daily basis is key to belly fat loss, and increase your energy levels. Most of the time we mistake hunger for thirst, therefore, it’s best we drink 1–2 cups of water before we even attempt to eat anything. Make sure it really is hunger before you eat.

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