Four Effective Ways To Lose Belly fat Through Simple Lifestyle Changes

Woman with tattoos on the gym floor doing ab crunches

The little things hold us back from losing abdominal fat

Most people go crazy searching for ways and mean to eliminate abdominal fat.
A woman in my gym asked me how to get flatter and more defined abs.
She tried and tested every single abdominal exercise, but nothing worked.
I hated to burst her bubble, but she was wasting her time.
“It’s not about the number of abdominal exercises you do — the things you put in your mouth that make the difference!” I said with patience.
I don’t understand where this multiple abdominal exercises concept somehow indicated you would get flatter and leaner abs!
It’s not just food that can trigger belly fat.
For women, that could be hormones.
It was for me anyway!
I had severe endometriosis and required a hysterectomy.
That cured my bloating and some of my accumulated belly fat.
I no longer had a swollen belly from all the inflammation in my uterus.
This can be a bit confronting for people to read — but it’s true. If you are a woman with this problem, it can affect your body composition.
Lowering your waistline is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it’s better for your health.
Long-term chronic health conditions can derive from too much body fat in general.
Abdominal fat happens to be the most dangerous.
Be mindful of the following instances, as they can profoundly affect how much belly fat you accumulate or lose.

One: Don’t be lazy — ever

Ok, so we all get a bit lazy here and there.
Things happen, which slightly sets us back into the ‘comfort’ zone.
Over the years of training, I have found that I must keep active to keep that fire burning constantly.
That fire isn’t just my metabolism — my energy levels and motivation too!
Sitting around all the time increases your belly fat.
It’s hard to lose weight, so try NOT to do so.
Evidence strongly indicates that staying active helps to slow down that usual middle-aged spread that some people seem to get.
The more active you become, the more you can keep off the weight long-term.
Weight gain is not uncommon among people that are more sedentary.
A sedentary lifestyle isn’t good for your health either.

Two: Make nutrition your best fat-loss aid

Eating a well-balanced, nourishing and highly antioxidant diet is key to weight loss.
Lowering inflammation & eating the right foods will do more for your belly fat reduction than anything else on this list.
Some people might like to fast, as it’s easier to not eat for a specific amount rather than lowering calories.
That’s personally my key driver for weight loss.
Other people are happy to eat three meals a day etc.
The most important part of your nutrition is eating whole foods and eliminating processed foods as much as possible.

Three: Sleep like a baby (as often as possible)

A huge body of evidence suggests poor sleep (less than seven hours a night) can lead to excess belly fat.
Lack of sleep seems to redirect fat towards the more dangerous visceral layer. You will be mistaken if you think catching up on sleep might help your chances.
In the short term (at least), catchup sleep doesn’t reverse visceral fat accumulation.
These findings uncover that sleep deprivation contributes to obesity and cardiovascular and metabolic disease epidemics over the long term.

Four: Inconsistent exercise attempts

Exercising is key to better physical and mental health.
It’s also great assistance (along with an ideal diet). It’s advised that we all exercise for at least 150 minutes of modest effort activity per week.
That might mean a 30-minute workout or perhaps 45 minutes a few times per week.
Along with exercise, keep moving regularly on days you do not exercise.
A consistent workout schedule will help you slowly decrease and maintain weight over the long term.

Key takeaways

As you can see, it’s not that challenging to start setting a plan to lose belly fat and eliminate your risk of disease.
Staying consistent with these tips will help you gain the necessary momentum to push through plateaus and achieve and maintain weight loss goals throughout your lifetime.
Remember, it’s important to put your health first, so you can be there for your family and enjoy your life due to abundant health.

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