Five Bad habits you didn’t know are causing you to gain belly fat

As you get older, you could be unknowingly doing one of these things to cause progressive bell fat

Although the size of our belly — and our bodies, is determined by our diet — There are certainly some other, more so subtle, factors that can be causing you to gain more as you age. Lifestyle and habits play an essential part too. For instance, although protein is thermogenic, people overestimate how much they need. Unfortunately, anything eaten or activity done in excess can cause adverse effects. Let’s look into these a bit further to help you move right away from them and start fresh in the new year ahead. 

One: You eat dinner very late in the evening

Eating later in the night can cause you to put on weight quite easily. However, the Obesity Society research tells us that eating dinner earlier can help us with our weight loss goals because we will have more time to burn off those calories during the evening. Eating late also leaves us open to making poor choices, such as processed foods for convenience sake. If you don’t plan and make your meals, then heading into McDonald at 10 pm because you are starving — won’t be that hard. Try to eat your dinner early, and if you are trying to lose that belly fat, it’s a great idea to walk for 30 minutes after you eat. Doing some activity will help fire up your metabolism and use up some energy. 

Two: Overeating protein

As I mentioned above, many people are under the impression that they can eat as much protein as they want because of its thermogenic profile. But, unfortunately, that’s not the case. Take this study, for instance. When researching the answers in a questioner regarding the eating habits of over 7,000 people — Those who ate a high protein diet had a 90 per cent greater risk of gaining more than 10% of body weight! Five Uncomfortable Signs That You’re Eating Way Too Much ProteinIt is said that protein is essential — but what about overeating protein?medium.comNow, that’s a very high percentage! It’s a much better and healthier alternative to go heavier on veggies than meat consumption. This is because vegetables are nutrient-dense, with a very high satiating property. After all, they contain lots of fibre and are very low in calories. When half of your plate has veggies, it will take a lot longer for you to feel hungry. As a by-product, you will be eating fewer calories! Think of that next time you fill up your plate with food. 

Three: You go for low fat thinking it’s better for you

Beware of low fat or fat-free foods with every fibre of your being! You may be saving on calories, but you are loading up on very fast-digesting carbs that will leave you even more hungry, depleted and moody than before you ate it! A study showed that meals limiting carbs to 43 per cent were a lot more filling, having a mild effect on blood sugar, compared to 55 per cent carbs. What does that mean for you? First, you will store less belly fat and feel full and satisfied with your meal. 

Four: When eating out, you tend to eat the bread bowl contents

I’m very guilty of doing this several times. That sweet-smelling, warm and comforting bread bowl accompanied with wholesome olive oil or butter is one of the most tempting graces — especially when you head to a restaurant starving! These additional items also add calories without any nutritional value to your meal. Worst still, you will feel so full by the time your nourishing meal arrives, eating less dinner and more likely to indulge in dessert or junk food on the way home! Instead of allowing yourself the alluring temptation of the breadbasket, have a small protein-rich snack beforehand. That could be a protein ball, or maybe a bar (or why not have an egg instead!). Chocolate Energy Protein BitesEveryone needs a bit of chocolate in their Stick to healthy, nutrient valuable meals above all else; then, you won’t have to subject yourself to added calories and body fat as a result. 

Five: You avoid the sun completely

The surprising fact is that most people don’t allow enough leisure time in the great outdoors. A surprising analysis shows us the link between vitamin D and belly fat. A medical centre in the Netherlands found that obesity is linked to vitamin D deficiency. They discovered that the nutrient plays a role in fat accumulation for men and women aged 45–65.  Furthermore, this analysis showed that both men and women with higher levels of belly fat are also vitamin D deficient. Here’s the Perfect Exercise to Gain Emotional & Psychological BenefitsMental and emotional health is more critical than Although it takes a lot more than boosting your vitamin D intake to eliminate belly fat, these small findings play a role in helping you with your own goal. So, put on your sneakers and get outdoors for a walk, run or cycle as often as possible. You might have a lot of fun in the process. Although these are not the be-all and end-all fat belly stalls, they provide a basis for some of the many habits many of us have — yet don’t think matter in the least. All the little things count for better health and fat loss. But, unfortunately, it’s those small things that can eventually lead us to either a better life or cause disease, obesity and perhaps a life filled with disease. Having an awareness now is the difference that makes the difference. If you would like to read more articles like this or start writing your own, please sign up via my link. I’d love to see you on the other side. Sign up here for your medium subscription

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