6 Belly Fat Loss Hacks you Need in Your Life Right Now

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It takes more than just diet alone to bust that belly fat for good

Losing belly fat happens to be the most popular subject, and it’s no surprise that most of us experience unwanted rolls during our lifetime. Here is a simple explanation of the different types of fat we have. Visceral fat is a metabolically active kind of fat, releasing hormones that increase blood pressure, harm cholesterol levels and upset the average balance of insulin. This fat can lead to diabetes. We must grasp that the hormones (adipokines) released from this fat decrease your chances of building muscle mass (and maintaining it), making you more susceptible to fat gain — especially around the belly. Subcutaneous fat is under the surface of the skin. You can pinch this fat & it keeps our bodies at an average temperature. Although it can be frustrating, this isn’t the most dangerous kind of fat you can have on your body. But, if it bothers us, then why not do something about it? 

Six belly fat busting hacks you need in your life right now

One: The most crucial aspect of losing belly fat is your diet

There is no denying that what you eat daily has profound effects on your weight loss efforts and your ability to lose body fat. You must focus on whole foods whilst eliminating added sugars and refined carbs. If certain foods are not going to help you reach your goals, then eradicate, or minimise it to a cheat meal — and that’s it! Practice self-control and discipline towards achieving your goals if they have compromised your health. What could be a better excuse than sound health? 

Two: Eat more fats

Eating foods rich in Omega 3 will help you lose and combat belly fat! Eat foods such as avocados, cold-pressed olive oils, salmon and nuts. These foods help you feel full for more extended periods and have anti-inflammatory properties. Eat them regularly, and don’t let the media scare you off fats. 

Three: Fibre — the forgotten fat burner

Eating cruciferous vegetables and taking a fibre supplement is an excellent strategy for weight loss. Eat an abundance of green veggies with every meal, from broccoli, kale, spinach, lettuce and even cabbage. Make large salads and eat them with your protein, avocado and cold-pressed olive oil. What a perfectly balanced meal! Super Green Salad With Roasted VegetablesSalads are excellent in summer and winter-dimos.medium.comIt will keep you full for more extended periods, eliminate cravings and set you on the right path for losing belly fat. 

Four: Sprinting or HIIT

Sprinting is perfect for getting rid of stubborn fat on your belly. It’s a great strategy to use when eliminating body fat — period. You can even take this type of training outdoors for an even more significant effect. Find a very steep hill, and sprint to the top -as fast as possible! Don’t forget that a sprint is going out as hard as possible and recovering for minimal seconds afterwards. You have to push yourself to the point of high exertion. That’s how you will get the most benefits out of sprinting. 

Five: Weight training

I don’t need to say much about weight training here. I write about it enough, and it’s a proven way to eliminate body fat and maintain health. There is no better way to lose body fat, change your body shape and become stronger both physically and mentally. If you focus your attention on training with weights, adding more poundage’s as you progress, and eating the right foods, you will get the most outstanding results! Cardio can’t do this for your body. So remember — lift heavy, lift often and challenge yourself to progress. 

Six: Rest is essential as well

Daily, grinding it out can take its toll on anyone — no matter how perfect your diet and sleeping habits are. Remember, it’s crucial to schedule rest days as much as it is to lift weight, sprint up hills and eat your healthy meals. Be sure to rest, recover and recuperate as much as possible. But, it’s not a race to the finish line. Therefore you must go at your own pace and be — patient! The body takes time to adapt, but it will catch up when you least expect it — that’s when it’s time for a selfie. 

Key Takeaway

Although these six points are simple, many people will take what they feel is necessary and apply for a minimum amount of time without getting any results. Therefore, give yourself at least six months to take on these habits every day and assess how much they can change your body and life. If we continually do the same thing day in day out, the results will never change. Our bodies adapt, and it’s up to us to apply a different stimulus of exercise and proper nutrition to change those results. All in all, have fun with it. You have to do this for life to sustain and main the results — so enjoy the progress, take selfies, and get your body fat assessed. Seeing the results of your hard work is one of the most rewarding aspects of the journey. Here’s to good health, my friends. 

NOTE: The health information in this post is for general information and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional advice. Accordingly, before taking any actions based on such information, I encourage you to consult with the appropriate professionals. I do not provide any medical/health advice. 

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