6 belly fat food triggers to avoid right now

Belly fat is one of those challenging feats most of us struggle to get on top of. It seems as we get older, things can get worse for us. Before discussing foods, I’d like to bring to your attention how important your gut health needs to be. The foods I will highlight below can trigger digestion and intestinal issues, which can exacerbate belly fat and also increase your likelihood of accumulating fat stores. In order to realise if these foods trigger your symptoms, it’s a good idea to avoid them for a period of time (about 30 days) in order to get a handle of this problem, and completely avoid the trigger food. Let’s look into this a lot more deeply.

6 belly fat food triggers to avoid right now

  1. Refined sugars. These kinds of sugars are found in sweets, cakes, biscuits and most packaged goods. it’s startling how much refined sugar is in protein bars – which a lot of people automatically assume are healthy! That’s not even mentioning the green juice craze. Having actual greens in your drink and the pulp is nutritious, but not the cups of added sugar that’s often used in them. Avoid these processed drinks as well, including soft drinks, as that can quickly lead to belly and body fat accumulation, as well as bring about many other diseases for that matter. Please do read your labels, no matter what marketing ploys are on the packet. Most likely those things that live on shelves contain many added sugars to extend shelf life.
  2. Fried foods. Foods like take away fried chicken and chips are a big culprit here. Not only are they fried in hydrogenated oil. but they contain a multitude of chemicals themselves. They are in frozen form, and you will never know how long they’ve been stored for – YUCK! I have a great alternative for you. If you love fried food, then why not invest in an air fryer. It does the same job, in a healthier way. I use mine to fry chips, meats and even vegetables. It still makes things crispy and tasty – but with no oil and no chemicals.
  3. Baked goods and pastries. Yes, these can be very tasty, and I’m a big fan of hot cross buns once a week – but they are not the most nutritious things to have every day. They have the same impact as refined sugars. Think of all the white flour, sugar and additives they contain. Moderation is key here, but if you find that one is not enough, then avoid them until you get your belly fat under control – and limit it to once a week as a treat. For now, avoid them at all costs.
  4. Dairy. Now, before you go all crazy on me, I want to point out that dairy is one of the biggest culprits of gas, bloating and intestinal issues. If you continue to have this, even though you feel ill afterwards – it will have a major impact on your health and body composition. If you feel no symptoms at all, please still be aware! Lactose intolerance kid of sneaks up on you when you get older – and the only way to combat this is to go easy on it. Have periods of abstinence or pick an alternative to dairy regularly. Try some nut milks, or even oat milk. You could try the lactose free variety and see if that still causes stomach upsets.
  5. Cereals. I’m talking things that contain whopping amounts of sugar in them, and no nutritional benefit at all. There may be some varieties on the market which have lots of fibre and are sugar free. This is what you should be eating. Cereals in general never make you feel full – and can increase overeating. If you want to eat a proper breakfast, make protein a priority above anything else. Try eggs and even a salad.
  6. Alcohol. I know, I’m sorry to tell you this – but too much alcohol can increase your chances of belly fat. And don’t forget that after a night out on the town (or drinking too much at home now days with lockdown) we’re more susceptible to eat junk food when hung over. Both of these in combination can be a weight loss killer. It’s best to stick to moderation when it comes to drinking, and not make a habit of it every night.

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