Six old fashioned negative beliefs people have about dieting

Six Old Fashioned Negative Beliefs People Have About Weight Loss

People still make their nutritional decisions based on these silly beliefs.

So many myths around today are so old and dry, yet people can’t help but sneak them in — despite knowing how false they are. It’s excruciating, and although I laugh about this now, I was a victim of these falsehoods — and lived by them for many years. In writing this, I intend to try and convince you that there are better ways of achieving your goals. You can do anything; it all starts with allowing yourself permission to try and fail. Failing is ok, I’ve done this many times myself, and it didn’t hurt me in the least — but only caused some bruising of the ego & frustration. So, for those who still hold some limiting beliefs about exercise, please try hard to let the following six go — now and for good. They do not work, have never worked and will leave you frustrated and H-Angry. I’m all for a sustainable and enjoyable life, not one where you are plagued with a deep hunger to binge on a leg of lamb (yuck but alas). I’d much rather you binge on some greens instead. 

One: Cardio is the only way for me to lose weight

I stand my ground here in telling you the importance of weight training as a critical strategy for weight loss. Cardio is essential — but doing the correct type of cardio to hit those fat loss goals is necessary here. Unfortunately, too many people think that cardio is the only thing that will help them lose weight. So they spend hours on a treadmill, bored as bat shit. This is entirely false, and the longer you believe it, the more weight you will put on during the long term. When I talk about weight for fat loss, this is a long-term strategy. You won’t become a fat-burning machine after your first session — or your 50th, for that matter. Building muscle mass from lifting weights takes time. You have to be in it over the long term to benefit. So it’s very similar to shares and buying property. Lifting weights trigger hormones that enhance fat burning; your body, therefore, begins to use fat as a source of energy. If your body couldn’t do that initially, it will take some time and coaxing to get there. Over time, this increases your insulin sensitivity, builds muscle and increases your fat-burning potential at rest. It also alters your body shape and makes you feel amazing! Cardio leaves most of us feeling lethargic and struggling to get through the day. Try not to overcompensate by doing more cardio than you need. So, even though you may sometimes have sore glutes that prevent you from sitting correctly — it’s a good sign your body is changing. That also gives you a wave to say, “I’m working and building strength, size and stamina for next time!”


Two: If I eat fat, I’ll become fat as well

As we will mention in the macro count below, fat is essential for our body, and you need it to burn body fat. It’s also necessary for good health. The great news is that fat doesn’t trigger insulin like carbs, sugar, or glucose. When we don’t give our bodies enough fat, they start to crave carbs for fuel, and your body never gets a chance to flip between converting stored fat into energy. It just keeps adding to those fat supplies! Pretty scary that a tiny thing can magnify your worst nightmare. Eat good quality fats to regulate your hunger signals, eventually leading to eating a lot less over the long term. Try buying salmon, nuts, avocado, cold-pressed olive oil and coconut oil. I’m actually in love with avocado. It helps to disperse dangerous fat from your belly if you are a woman. Sorry guys, this doesn’t apply to you (science doesn’t know why either)

Read about it here:

Ladies — Eating This One Thing Can Change Your Abdominals and HealthI didn’t realise just how powerful one humble little thing can give us women such great resultsmedium.comThe only fat that enhances the size of your fat cells is the trans variety. You should also avoid any vegetables and processed food oils at all costs. 

Three: If I eat less food, then I’ll lose weight faster

Cutting calories over long periods is never sustainable and rarely produces your desired results. Deprivation and excessive hunger for days is not an enjoyable life, and it also makes us irritable, moody and awful to hang around with. Eating fewer calories for years will increase your chances of developing a sluggish metabolism and accumulating even more body fat. I have always hated caloric restriction, and In the end, it just made me fatter too. I prefer to fast where I stop eating indefinitely for 12–18 hours, and that’s it. Eating less was never my thing. The key focus when dieting is not eating less but eating well. It’s the art of not eating for a longer time, which works to burn fat. This snacking business never allows our bodies to use stored fat as energy or regulate insulin levels. Yes, this does restrict calories, but for a window of time. After that, the body adjusts, heals and becomes more metabolically flexible. It’s a miracle lifestyle plan, and I recommend looking into it. 

Four: I can eat what I like if it fits into my macro count for the day

Most people get away with a small treat daily, but some can’t. Usually, I have to eat a clean diet to be shredded. But now, I don’t want to look like I’m going onto a bodybuilding stage. I love it when people are honest and show their dietary plans. Those who have the guts eat clean, healthy and nourishing meals. Then, you can see them having a treat on holidays or during a special event — but not stuffing their faces. But they will be honest in telling you one healthy meal at a time is how they built their physique. Sneaking in chocolate, candy bars, or snacks was out of the question. I like my vegan chocolates and sourdough bread. However, I try not to eat them every day because I prefer to have slimmer abs. Those calories are better spent on food that nourishes me the right way. Over time, you will find what works for your own body. We are so vastly different in how we react to foods. So, unfortunately, I can’t give you the answer to your own body’s signs. That’s something you have to work out along the way. But know this — a piece of salmon will cause different reactions in your body than a chocolate bar with the same calories. Why? The nutritional value your body attains from one is entirely the opposite. Next time you make that kind of nutrition comparison to decide what to eat, think about this question: “Will this meal gives me the energy, drive, and stamina my body needs to reach my goal?” That question alone will see you making better choices! 

Five: It never seems to work for me

Anything and everything works — but only if you know what you are doing and doing it correctly! People often use this, and it’s frustrating for me to hear. I caught myself in this situation about four years ago. My friend suggested I fast to lose weight. She had been fasting for about a month and started seeing fantastic results. Indeed, if it worked for her, it would work for me. But initially, I resisted because five years back, I tried fasting too. But, unfortunately, it encouraged bingeing, and I put on weight — which I was now stuck with! Although the bad memories surfaced again, I thought what I was doing now wasn’t working, so it won’t hurt to do this and try again. Good thing I did, as I never looked back. So, use that as an example because maybe you tried something and failed. Perhaps it was the result of the following reasons:-

  • You are doing the wrong kind of exercise in the wrong way.
  • You are not eating an optimal diet; therefore, eating more because they assume going to the gym eliminates fat gain.
  • You are restricting your nutrients too much.
  • They are not exercising enough.
  • You talk to people or scroll on the phone too much when in the gym.
  • Liquid calories.
  • You are sitting on your ass for hours.
  • Etc.

It’s not always easy to admit you are in the wrong. However, we all like to be correct and point the finger at another human being. But the truth is, we may not know enough about the subject, and what we don’t know can cause failure. The best way forward is to ask someone with the knowledge, and usually, that person is someone who has already achieved the goal you want. Don’t be afraid to ask people. I always ask both young and older adults — someone always knows more than you, and they are usually kind enough to help you out. If not, move on to someone else until you get the answers. 

Six: I can’t squat or deadlift because I might injure myself

It’s such a shame if you are unable to do these movements. Compound movements like deadlifting and squatting are the best forms of exercise to alter your body composition and give you that overall lean, toned and shapely physique. Squatting full range can be a lot more challenging, and you may have to use less weight — but it’s a key area for developing a greater degree of movement and strengthening your spine and knees. The good news is that you can still try to do some modified movements if you can’t physically do the ones above.• Lunges• Step-ups• Backward lunges• Split squats• Walkingand many more!You can experiment with many weird and wonderful alternatives, and you don’t have to look much further than Instagram! These days, you can find any alternative exercise on there. When it comes to training, we come in with what we have, and then we build up slowly over a long time. The only thing you have to do is start — somewhere and try not to get too frustrated with yourself. Just like our minds, the body needs a bit of TLC too. We can’t expect to become an Olympic athlete overnight. Use the women or men you’re surrounded with for inspiration. I always looked up to the females with muscular and shapely bodies. I, too, wanted to look like them, and they became my ‘live’ Pinterest post! 

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